the man in me

i dig menswear on women.

clean lines, masculine sexiness…it makes a statement and it’s oddly feminine if done correctly.

as much as i push my love for long skirts, a great pair of trousers or well-fitting jeans always wins my heart.

i cannot wait until the fall weather descends upon us.

this heat is killing me.  i don’t like hot weather at all.

it’s even making my wardrobe choices difficult!  work is hard enough to dress for, now i gotta deal with the heat?!

so i continue to wear skirts or dresses, even though i’d rather be wrapped up and cozy in a pair of navy blue, high waist, wool pants.  maybe a lovely vintage blouse and a chunky, cable knit sweater.


summer is so rude.

besides the heat, there are other reasons i don’t care for skirts (usually shorter ones)…

1.  i don’t like my legs.  i think i have cankles and people/pop culture make them seem so disgusting.  i’m super self-conscious about showing my legs in public.  so much so, that i just started wearing skirts and dresses, more often, this year.  bah!
2.  i’m the kind of girl who would leave the bathroom with her skirt tucked into the back of her undies.
3.  i stood up the other day, while wearing a skirt, and the skirt was lodged in between my butt cheeks.  (that’s almost as bad as skirt tucked into undies.  almost.)
4.  by the end of the day, i just can’t wait to get out of a skirt or dress, throw on a pair of pants and not worry about flashing someone.

bottom line:  the man in me loathes skirts and dresses.

i’m wearing…
blouse – vintage, for sale in the shop!
vest – thrifted, h&m
trousers – anthropologie

i’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging.  you know, that thing where i actually share my thoughts instead of telling you what’s new in the shop?

yeah, so if this post wasn’t that great…sorry.

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13 thoughts on “the man in me

  1. Menswear on women is great! I like this look.

    I’m excited for the hunting inspirations that I’m starting to see for fall looks. I love to wear skirts until I have to sit down. Then I want to sit in ways that just aren’t appropriate for a skirt. Also, I love windy days but skirts just don’t work in wind. Of course, when fall weather hits, I’ll be able to wear tights and leggings under my skirts and that helps a little with the above situations.

  2. oh man paige – you’re so adorable! Though I’m kind of the opposite in the fact that I absolutely adore skirts & summer (especially when combined!) – I also have the exact same issues as you with them! I actually had the skirt tucked into the undies embarassment when I was pregnant – thank God for the nice old lady who told me. shudder. No I’m that weird girl always checking the back of her skirt… it’s like a crazy twitch.

  3. last friday i stopped in the bathroom on may way out of work. got halfway down the hall only to realize my skirt was all jacked up in my thong. the shame, the shame!

    i think the worst part of having shit like that happen is when you realize it….and scramble try to fix it without looking like a fool! “oh, what’s going on back there? i knew it the whole time…totally meant to give you all a lil peep show. now im just gonna calmly pull this down like its no big thang….”


    anywhoo…can relate to the heat! luckily, its gotten better here. hope the heat lets up and we can all start layering soon! heart your vest! looking lovely as always :)

  4. I like the man in you too. The one that roughs up your very pretty self with a nice vest and trousers that is. My comments have been really weird today, and this post has given me faaaaarr too much material to work with. I think I should just say, you look stunning no matter what. ;) Love. the . vest. and you look hot. like, attractive hot, not like over heated hot. though I have to say I was interested to see this painful to touch sun kissed skin you were telling me about? You still look perfectly colored Paige? is it in other places? I think you did wear a hat for a little bit so maybe that protected your face? I hope you continue to find happiness in sharing outfits and thoughts. I just don’t know what I would do if you didn’t.

  5. You look beautiful. I love the floral blouse with the striped vest. If there is ever an example of how to take on menswear, this is it.

    I’ve felt the same way regarding skirts for a long time. I’m just now, these past few months, getting to where they are the only things I’ll wear…mainly because I live in Florida and it’s too stinkin’ hot to wear anything else. But yes, pants are fantastic. Truly.

  6. 1. I love menswear on ladies, just not on me. I somehow end up looking dowdy

    2. I’m fairly sure you don’t have cankles. Cankles are mostly reserved for cafeteria ladies and old great aunts. Not you. I haven’t seen any ankle close ups so I can’t speak with certainty, but I’m doubting they’re true cankles.

    3. I get skirt wedgies all the time. Awful, right?

  7. I totally understand about worrying you’ll flash someone or get your skirt lodged in your undies when wearing skirts. I used to hate that too, and mostly wore jeans or pants, but I put on some weight and my booty got all big… and the skirts are so good at hiding it. I guess we all have our perceived “flaws” that we feel we must hide in certain kinds of clothes. If it’s worth anything, I think you look lovely in pants and skirts equally. You’re just a very lovely woman. :)

  8. ha, what are you talking about, this was a great post! i laughed out loud, (with you, not at your skirt misfortunes) so i’d say your back in the swing of it already!

    i always turn back to jeans/pants too, but unfortunately, that makes me turn back to a black singlet or a hoodie and then don’t feel very cute. hrmph

  9. I was at a rest stop somewhere in the middle of connecticut a few weeks ago. I went to the restroom, then returned to my car. As I was sitting down I realized my ENTIRE butt was exposed from the time I left the bathroom to the time I got back to my car. Awesome. Thank god I’ll never see those people again.

  10. So hilarious! Finally, someone who feels the same way I do about their legs and skirts. I’m surrounded by friends who love their skirts and dresses and wish I could love them too but I feel it’s just not in me. I am determined to try this fall though. With the option of opaque tights and knee high boots, I may have established a compromise.

  11. Love this look – so clean and crisp!

    So number 2 reminded me of grade school – that totally happened to one of our substitute teachers and of course she never lived it down. Poor lady! But I do remember she was a pretty fierce dresser at 60 years old. Leather pants, chunky necklaces. Ah .. memories.

  12. Oh, who gives a crap what people think are ideal legs! I have big legs (and I wish I could say they are toned and muscular but they aren’t) and I have had random strangers say to me, “Damn girl, you got some big legs!”
    Wear what you like and remember, the bigger the shoe, the smaller the leg! :)

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