sweet pants

you all know how much i love a great pair of pants…

check these out!

i found them hanging on the rack at the thrift store and damn near squealed with delight.

the color is to die for, they’re high-waisted, and perfectly tailored to fit my bod like a glove.





i imagine that these are the kind of pants that would illicit awesome pickup lines.

“is that a mirror in your pants?  cuz i can see myself in them.”


“are you wearing a space suit?  cuz your ass is out of this world!”

the second one is my favorite.  hands down.

sadly, no awesome pickup lines came my way.

however, i did get some comments from coworkers…

“only paige could pull off polyester.”
my response – you KNOW it!
“i had a pair of those in 8th grade…”
my response – you were the coolest effin 8th grader, then.
“you remind me of peggy lipton from the mod squad.”
my only response was to do some saturday night fever inspired pelvic thrusts.  which was followed by a roll of the eyes from my coworker.
“saturday night fever!  show us your john travolta moves!”

so i did…

yee haw!

that’s all i got today.

the pants speak for themselves.

etsy photo shoot this evening!  stay tuned for new items!

oh and don’t forget…i’m still offering 20% off in the shop!
just add “MOUSEVOX” in the comment box at check out.
i will reimburse you via paypal after payment is made.

happy thursday…the weekend is near!



i’m wearing…
lace top – hanky panky, nordstrom
vintage pants – thrifted
shoes – steve madden


18 thoughts on “sweet pants

  1. Yes. I found a picture of a woman from the late 60s in lavender jeans and I’ve had my eye out for a pair ever since. These do the trick as well.

    I wish things like this came with the history attached.
    “Bought by Susanne from Nordstrom in 1972. Worn to BBQ’s, and picnics in San Franciso before passed onto her daughter who outgrew them after her second child. Sent to thrift store … ” etc.

    I’ll try to shrink myself so I can get into them when I come out.

  2. Oh my gosh i totally misread your post title as “sweat pants” not “sweet pants” and was freaking out with worry – till I saw your post. Ah relief no sweat pants… just you, lookin cute! (awesome dance moves my dear)

  3. Paige, these are fantastic! I havent been thrifting in weeeeeks.
    This weekend is going to be dedicated to cleaning/giving away things i dont wear/getting more organized.
    Since I started the blog and tried to concentrate more on vintage, Ive been adding so many amazing vintage pieces to my closet. I want to eventually weed out all the cheap creap i bought along the years. maybe give the stuff to my sisters. (ahaha that sounded bad, as if they like cheap garbage. then again, i like cheap things ppl call garbage. ok everyone is cool.)

  4. Those are indeed some sweet pants and rad dance moves.

    How about this one “Are those astronaut pants? Cause your ass is out of this world!” Ha!

    I kind of admire a guy that throws out such horrible lines.

  5. Oh well, some co-workers should just stop talking… Anyways, you look amazing, I love how you dressed them… And, you know how to answer the comments of them, this is great! :D

  6. woot woot! look at you, ms. sassy pants! i absolutely adore this outfit! your co-workers should be grateful that you provide such nice scenery and fine entertainment! for reals! :)

  7. i am dying over this!!! the closeup pics really make me jealous for a pair of those pants. you look fan-damn-tastic lady. they totally work with your curves. and i love the lacy top. awesome.

  8. LOL Paige, you always make me laugh. I cringe when my co-workers make comments about my outfits. They’re much older than me, in fact some of them have been working for as long as my life! I just wear a high heel and they say “oooh! sexy girl.” etc etc.

    Those pants are a great find!

  9. SO love!!! oh my gosh. I’ve been dying for a great pair of pants… hoping your karma floats over into my direction.. yowza, those are hot and fit you perfectly! jealoussssss.


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