etsy shop update!

more new items!

90s gap clothing co blouse – $18

vintage sweater top – $24

vintage 60s sweater vest with sequins – $26

vintage pink sweater with flower detail – $22

80s raspberry sweater tank/vest – $18

90s cherokee 50’s print slip ons – $18

hey friends!  come on by the shop for more photos and detailed descriptions of each item!

sorry to be so brief…my son starts 5th grade today!  eeeeek!  it’s been a busy week for us.

i can’t believe i have a 5th grader…oy.

have a great day!




2 thoughts on “etsy shop update!

  1. You’re on fire girl!!!
    Are you sure you have a full time job? :P
    How do you find time for this? I’m barely useful after I get home, make food, eat. And by then, it’s almost 8:00.
    You are so good about your shop! I’m in awe of you!

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