9 going on 19

first day of 5th grade.


how can that be?!


they grow up so fast…

he used to be the length of my forearm.

now look at him.  he’s almost as tall me.

but i’m still the boss.

historically, every first day of school, i cry…i get all emotional that my little man is growing up.  (but let’s face it, i also cry because summer is over and now we have 10 months of homework to do, papers to write and science projects to make.  and math.  i hate math.)

however, this time i didn’t.

even though he couldn’t get away from me fast enough…

and every time i asked if he needed help…with his locker combo or where to put his backpack or what to do next…he looked at me and rolled his eyes.

as if to say, “mom.  really?  get away.  you’re embarrassing and you have NO clue.”

so, i backed off.  i let him do his thing and then he hightailed it to his buds.

(boys will be boys.)

honestly, i did end up crying.  but it was later that night, after dinner.

he was talking differently, acting more mature, and kinda didn’t seem to need me as much.

it broke my heart a little.

but that night, at bedtime…he hugged me and told me that i was the best.

…and then once again, everything was right in the world.

i’m wearing…
gray vneck – american apparel
obi – gift from a dear friend
bolo – gift from someone special
skirt – thrifted
shoes – garage sale find

i saw this bolo at an antique store in virginia city, nv.  i wanted it reeeeeal bad.  but the lady was asking $18 for it.  since i hadn’t been thrifting yet, i didn’t want to spend the money.  *sigh*
so we left it.  and i kinda forgot about it.
but a “special someone” went back to that antique store, bought it…and mailed it to me.
awesome “special someone”, huh?
it’s made of a very delicate mesh-like tubing.  and the stone is very smooth.
it’s like…girly and jewelry-ish, but still bad ass enough to be a bolo.
zoe…i’m representin’.

bolomania 4 EVA!

i came across 4 bolos at a thrift store last week.

planning to list them in the shop, soon!

have a fabulous LONG weekend, friends…be safe!




18 thoughts on “9 going on 19

  1. So sweet, I’m with you on those pangs of sadness that your little one is growing up. My husband promises that what a mother means to her son can’t be described. So no matter hold our boys get, they will always need us :)

    On a different note, I have that gray tee from AA, one of my favorites!

  2. i can’t imagine what it will be like when my little man goes to 5th grade. wow, that’s so old and big and mature! he looks so handsome though on his first day. and i’m dying over your skirt! you look so fab in a long skirt or dress.

  3. There was a vast range of emotions in that one post! I started to tear up at the thought of my own little girl one day going to school. And then I got happy when I read about the necklace. I’m exhausted! :)

    I adore your long skirt with the simple tee and the red belt is the perfect splash to pull everything together. You always look amazing.

  4. Ok I can just picture you taking picture of your son and his friends from the bushes. hahaha i’m sure it wasnt like that but the image makes me smile. :)
    I hope I have atleast one boy when I get around to popping out babies, I grew up with 2 sisters and I wish I had a brother (would have been nice to have someone watch my back)
    Now, this skirt is gorgeoussss. Every time I’m thrifting, I keep an eye out for nice long skirts and still nothing has caught my eye. I’m trying paige, I really am!
    Also, you are so gorgeous and thin! this outfit looks amazing on you. I may need to borrow some bolos from my dad this weekend…

  5. First day of school! Fifth grade is a big year, last year of elementary school? In any case, love that he gave you a hug and said you’re the best. Very sweet!

    Super cute skirt – lurv the bolo.


  6. Ya, thats heavy! I don’t want to think about that either! My goodness he looks so handsome though! You done good girl. He is, I am sure, already a proper lady killer!

    Speaking of proper ladies, you are looking just as beautiful as ever! That bolo story is such a great one! I have a million more things I could say, but you know what I think! That bolo is so unique and special! As is something else attached to it. betcha you will be telling that story for a while. . . ;)

  7. I love this skirt. And I’m the same way. My daughter is only 3 but I was listening to “first day of school” stories on the radio and I balled the whole way home =( It is so funny to think about how much they used to need you and now they’re so independent.

  8. Ahhh, what a wonderful post! I’m so proud of Taylor. And I am so proud of you for raising such a fabulous young man. Soon enough, he will be driving your car and drinking your wine and playing your music. Soon enough, you can put him to work at the movie theater or somewhere and get free tickets! :)


  9. What a cutie – he looks a lot like you! I remember always thinking it was weird when my mom got all teary about my first day of school, so he’s for sure not the only eye-roller out there. And I’m behind the bolo movement.

    xoxo, Ashley

  10. Regarding first day of school tears–I hear dat! My youngest started 5th grade this year…oldest is in 8th and middle guy in 6th… Sheesh.

    As far as hating math goes, I couldn’t agree more. Thankfully my oldest never needs any help from with his math and I can make him help the younger kids with theirs.

    You look lovely in your floor-sweeper and casual tee…love the whole look.

  11. Ohhh, the little boy is becoming a man.

    5th grade was probably one of the best years of my life. Seriously. Between the beginning and the end of that grade I changed so much. How wonderful that your son is going through that right now!

    Also- Hell to the fucking yeah-er. That bolo is so sweet I had to blow up your picture (zoom-wise, not bomb-wise) so that I could see the meshness better. WOWZA. (and obviously thank you for representin’… ho).

    And you, my love- are looking so gypsysexy it’s unreal. Like, seriously mama.


  12. Now I”m going to cry – I totally don’t want to think about my kids being in school. I think it’s going to break my heart!!
    Meanwhile – I love that necklace, it’s awesome!

  13. I am so with you on this!
    My “little” man turned 16 this week and I have been away on business.
    The first time in 16 years I was not with him on his birthday!
    I cried myself to sleep after I got off the phone with him that night…although at 16 he really didn’t mind that mom wasn’t around…but I minded…
    Why can’t they just stay small and cute and cuddly forever???


    PS. Your little man is soooo handsome!

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