head in the clouds


i apologize for my absence… 

but i was enjoying the company of an out of towner.  he came friday afternoon and stayed through the long weekend.i’m wearing…
tube top – urban outfitters
batik/elephant print wrap skirt – thrifted
sandals – local boutique
i don’t have much to say today…i’ve been in a funk since my guest left.

however, i do hope everyone is doing well and had a fabulous labor day weekend!

xo, paige 


16 thoughts on “head in the clouds

  1. cheer up charlie!
    I’m working on saving my pennies, getting my license, buying a westfalia and driving to see you (and becomeing a surf bum) and we will run around town taking pictures and stealing garden gnomes.
    Ah a girl can dream! I will visit you one day though.

  2. You’re just so darling. I love the new header and overall look of the blog! Miss chatting with you, dear–we must catch up. I’m so out of the blog loop these days; between our house, pregnancy, and a new job, I’m just overwhelmed. Hope you’re well!


  3. Picture #3. So cute.

    How are you, Baby? Sorry about your funk.

    I wish I could do a song and dance for you. I would choose the theme song to DuckTales and dance in only heels and pantyhose pulled all the way up over my boobs.

    Just for you.


  4. Oh my dear,

    I am sorry for the funk. I accidently just typed fuck instead of funk and then I kind of felt like a rapist. Never mind.

    I think you look very pretty {in a totally non-rapist way}- and that bashful picture of you made my little heart flutter.

    Sorry again for the FUNK and for the profanity.


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