5 inch heels and numb arms

my coworkers refered to me as snow white…




really?  sure, i’m wearing a long yellow skirt like her, but…


i was also likened to a quaker and a “churchy girl”.

i used to get super sensitive and insecure about these off the wall, ridiculous comments from my coworkers.

but now…

it’s blog material.

*big grin*

here’s the original look…

i’m wearing…
tank – abercrombie & fitch (from years ago)
skirt – thrifted
vintage blazer – etsy
dooney and bourke belt – thrifted
shoes – garage sale

i only lasted for about 10 minutes in that blazer.  although it’s great, it’s teeny tiny.  i literally cannot lift my arms to shoulder level. and within seconds, they go numb.

typing, answering the phone, reaching for a cup of coffee, picking my nose…all very difficult tasks in this adorable, boy fit, shrunken blazer.

i dig fashion, but i don’t suffer for it.

(i’m lying.  give me a few drinks and i’ll work a pair of 5 inch heels like the rent depends on it.  which is hysterical, because i can hardly walk in regular heels.)


i’m selling this yellow skirt.  interested?  email me at barefootandvintage@gmail.com

details – lovely yellow color with accordion pleating.  sits on natural waist.
condition – excellent
label – ralph lauren
size – 4
length – 35 1/2 in
waist – 12 1/2 in
price – $20 (this price includes shipping for US.)

it really is lovely.  and great for fall!

let me know.

have a wonderful weekend, my dears!

xo, paige


21 thoughts on “5 inch heels and numb arms

  1. I love your Snow White, Quaker girl outfit. Fairy tale girls and religious devotees would be lucky to look so good! The whole outfit is super cute, but I don’t blame you for ditching a piece that creates the potential for limb loss.

  2. Rrrrrrr, I love this!!! <- that's me growling, gritting my teeth and shaking my head really fast about how much I love this.

    The grey and yellow combo makes my knees buckle every time and I am just devastated that this blazer won't become a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. What if you cut the lining? Would it fit better? Let's figure this out for you and make it happen.

    Also- Snow White ain't got shit on you, woman. Ta-rue.


  3. And picking your nose? That almost made me spit wine all over my laptop.

    I love it with the blazer belted. Though I totally get not wearing it when you can’t move your arms. That would kind of suck a little bit.

    If I were teeny enough to fit into a size 4, I’d want that skirt. You look super great in that outfit.

  4. love your blazer!!! i had one like that, too small i mean. not so much when i’d wear a tank or something short sleeve underneath, but the minute i’d try to put it over a longsleeve shirt my hands would get all tingly! ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it was very uncomfortable to bend my elbow. i no longer have that blazer. and i would die for your belt.

  5. Okay, that’s it! You have weird co-workers! You look very beautiful! And I really do walk on 5 inch and I can do more after a bottle of tequila :D but well, who doesn’t? :D

  6. This is a VERY cute outfit. And perfect for work…I would think! Your coworkers sound like a bunch of mouth breathers (no offence–kidding, offence intended). You look nothing like Snow White here…except the “fairest of them all bit”~you’ve definitely nailed that.

    And oh, it makes me happy that you like what I have to write! And how I dress…because I’m cool y’alls…maybe? But yes, WE are GREAT. And WE dress great. And OUR creepy club is better than theirs…tell THAT to your gap pant white shirt wearing coworkers (which is giving them credit…maybe it’s yoga pants and crocs).

    heart: Miss Furnellie

  7. Oh my gosh that made me laugh so hard – my old boss used to comment on my outfits constantly, and oneday asked me at a team meeting if I dressed in theme when I came to work – I think she was trying to embarrass me – but I told her, yes, today I’m a member of the friend resistance. hehe I never got a snarky remark again.

    Anyway, back on topic – I’m so glad you can use funny coworker comments as blog material!! I honestly love this outfit!

  8. you do look like snow white! but it a way better, more fashionable way! I love the look. someone just told me my shoes looked like a disney princess would have worn them. i took it as a compliment!
    I also love that blazer! nice find!

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