a little something for my friends.

hello there!  happy tuesday.

so, yesterday afternoon, i got a lot done…grocery shopping, helped taylor with homework, made dinner, did a few things around the house…

i had other “to dos” planned, as well…wrapping etsy orders, catching up on blog posts, pre-planning a post for today…didn’t happen.

right before i started making dinner, i felt a teeny tiny headache coming on.  i thought it would go away after drinking a bottle of water and eating, but nooooooo.

i ended up with THE worst, nausea causing, dizzying headache of my life.
it was so bad, i crawled (literally) into bed early, closed my eyes, and tried not to move. 

honestly though, i did pry my eyes open long enough to witness the horror of piles and piles of cat carcasses and plastic bags full of human feces on an episode of hoarders.


i’m feeling better this am. 

but enough about me!

i have a little something for you, dear readers.

i’ve teamed up with rachel over at mousevox vintage, for a little giveaway!

one lucky winner will win…


this vintage inspired wristlet/clutch/wallet thingy.

but that’s not all!

a second winner will win…

– visit barefoot & vintage on etsy.
– leave a comment (here) telling us your favorite item in the shop.
– please include your email address so rachel may contact you if you win.
– for an additional entry, post about this giveaway on twitter & leave an additional comment.
– this giveaway is open to readers worldwide!
– a winner will be chosen at random on 9/20/10

also, i am offering followers of mousevox vintage a discount during the month of september!
buy 1 item & get a 2nd item 1/2 half with the code MOUSEVOX.
(offer not valid with giveaway credit)

so head on over to mousevox and enter my giveaway!!


xo, paige


20 thoughts on “a little something for my friends.

  1. Hey there hot stuff. Get well soon, ok?
    Soooo i think its good that we are frugal vintag shoppers. I would be broke if i bought my vintage from shops as opposed to thrift stores/flea markets/etc.
    It’s kinda funny tho since I sell my stuf for more than I would normally pay in a thrift store… BUT I still sell my stuff at a good price (so i feel) which means ill never be rich but oh well.
    Ok I just got an email saying you left me a comment. get out of my brain missy!
    it was my first swap! there were less than 10 ppl tho so I imagine these things are better/more violent when there are more people involved.

  2. Ah, I’ve been wanting to watch animal hoarders, but that sounds gross, so I mightt rethink. Glad you’re feeling better though =]
    My favorite is the “vintage red tunic with pocket /s m l/”
    I love oversized shirts that hang like that sooo much.


  3. do you mind if i not leave my favorite item? i have been avoiding etsy this whole month b/c of that shopping diet of mine. i’m sorry. does this disqualify me?

    also, i tried emailing you but it bounced back. where are you????


  4. I’d never heard of that show and for some reason was drawn to watch it after you mentioned. Now I’m sick to my stomach! I’m like the complete opposite of a hoarder. Cleaning out my fridge is one of my favorite domestic activities. Haha.

    Hope you feel better. I had killer headaches. :(

  5. I’m torn between the vintage dusty rose dress (I’ve had my eye on it for awhile) and the new khaki dress that you just listed. One’s romantic and soft and one’s worky/hip.

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  7. I’m so sorry for the headache, hope it’s not migraine… And I hope you’re feeling much better now… You’re making a very good work lately Paige, I’m proud of you, you’re a very busy but successful bee :)

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