substitute blogger

i’m subbing over at alyson is neat, today.

come on by and say something nice.

or…throw chalk at my head and put a whoopee cushion on my seat.

i’m not the greatest guest blogger around (no DIY, no themed post, no hysterical story to tell), but alyson believes in me…

not my best work, these photos…my eye looks a bit wonky in the first photo and the quality is grainy, but ah well.

(i pulled them out of the depths of my blog’s ass.)

threw this together for dinner with a friend one friday night WEEKS ago.  i had to take the belt off soon after shoving my face, thus rendering the outfit…pretty boring.

but as i mention over at alyson is neat…i like it simple.

i shall leave you now, but go visit her blog!!

hey wait!  don’t forget to enter my giveaway on mousevox vintage.  contest ends 9/20…next monday.)

peace and hair grease,



3 thoughts on “substitute blogger

  1. I feel like such a fatty for nodding my head in agreement and empathy when you mentioned taking your belt off after a big meal. On Fridays, at work, we usually go out for lunch. Most times, when I come back to my desk I end up taking off my belt or unbuttoning the top button of my pants (depending on the outfit I’m wearing). Gosh, I’m such a closet slob!

  2. I believe in you! haha! And I bought a dress from a thrift store that when I saw it I totally thought it looked like a dress you’d wear. I just posted it up, I wanna alter it but don’t know what to do :( Oh man I love wearing belts at my waist cause I hope it keeps me from stuffing myself, but usually I do stuff myself and the belt makes me feel like a sausage. hahaha

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