frame worthy.

update…this look is featured on weardrobe!  woot woot.

  oh hello.

yes, that is a frame…a prop, if you will.

i found several of them at a garage sale a couple of months ago.  they’ve been propped up (haha!  no pun intended.) against a wall since then.  i tripped over one on my way outside [to take these photos] and decided it was meant to be. 

so…just go with it. 

i’m wearing…
vintage eyelet sleeve blouse – thrifted
belt – thrifted
vintage shorts – thrifted
tights – anthropologie
shoes – target

before it reached a thousand degrees that day, i was wearing my favorite teeny tiny wool blazer.  it looked good, but it wasn’t worth numb arms and dying of heat exhaustion.

 i think this outfit will be more appropriate for fall.  i can’t wait to wear it with boots!  and a sweater!  …while drinking my soy chai and strolling through the pumpkin patch.  (who am i kidding?  october in california is usually blazing hot.  last year, while searching for the perfect pumpkin, i was wearing a tank top and couldn’t wait to find shade because i was literally melting.  no wonder our jack-o-lanterns don’t last long.  they start rotting on my door step within a week!) 

fall…please come to california soon.

 ready for the coworker comments?

coworker 1:  aren’t you hot in those tights?
me:  i’m wearing shorts and tights.  you’re wearing pants.  i’m probably more ventilated than you.  are YOU hot?

coworker 2:  whoa.  i didn’t realize you were doing something weird today.
me:  oh yeah.  you’re surprised?  i’m switchin’ it up.  keeping you on your toes!

coworker 3:  i walk by, her eyes get wide, she says nothing.
me:  you know i have a blog and that i often write about what i wear.  we do things differently in the blogging world.  this works there.  they get it.  (trying frantically to explain myself only elicits bigger eyes and a slow nod of the head.) 

 coworkers…gotta love em.


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thanks and GOOD LUCK!

xo, paige


25 thoughts on “frame worthy.

  1. Paige,

    I feel like you might live in the San Diego area (as do I), poway specifically, and I have no luck vintage shopping, it seems like thrift shops are always picked apart, and vintage shops are too expensive, any hints on good places to search?? I have an extensive list of “to get”‘s I’m just waiting to find……

  2. paige, dear – this is one of my absolute fav outfits on you – ever! and most of it is thrifted….extra love :)

    i can’t believe your coworkers are so narrow minded!!! you look fantastic, even if they don’t understand!

  3. LOVE this outfit! I can’t wear shorts to work but gosh darnit I would wear this if I could!
    When I am waist… no boob deep in snow and slush, trying to get to work without ending up a walking snowman, you will not envy me and my weather ;) but in the meantime, you can always hop on a plain accross the country (and then a little north)for a visit ;)

    GREAT thrifted finds, you and Christina, so much awesomeness.

  4. Well yes okay, I don’t have that many co-workers “thankfully”, and they got used to me, and there is a more weird girl too :D So two weird, two-three normal, we get along quite well. But well, I really don’t get yours, what’s weird with this outfit today? While I was on my way home today I thought “I can wear my gray shorts with a chic blouse and tights and I can add my striped blazer tomorrow” and when I came home, I saw you, the perfect combination! Anyways, lady, this outfit is number one for me! But you’re very patient about them, so congrats! :)

  5. ahh! I love this outfit and I love even more that im not the only one with co-workers who dont understand! I dont think they get that I want to dress this way and its not because I cant afford to shop at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Gap like them! (ok maybe it is a little bit but still). Heres to being thirft chic at the office!!

  6. Absolutely love this outfit!
    And since when is it okay to say that somebody’s outfit is “weird”? I would’ve replied “Oh, doing something boring today?”. Well, I would have in my head anyway.

  7. in a way, i wish i had co-workers that would stare at me and make funny comments. when you own a vintage shop, people come to expect that maybe you’ll dress a bit different. sigh. maybe i should start dressing all goth or something. now THAT would illicit some stares!
    you look totally awesome. i am diggin on the shorts/tights combo on you. and your blouse? so adorable. seriously paige, you just keep getting better. not unlike fine wine.

  8. 1. You look FREAKING AWESOME in your shorts and tights.

    2. Love the frame as a prop. Genius and those photos are super cute.

    3. May I steal the #3 response to your co-worker? I kind of love it.

    4. We typically are still wearing shorts and tank tops on Christmas day here in Florida. Fall? What’s fall?

  9. I love the co-worker comments! I got a good one today (from the boss man, actually)- and I happened to post about it as well!!

    I am shocked that this would be seen as a ‘weird’ outfit. It is absolutely adorable, charming, crisp, sophisticated, seasonal, and it makes me very happy. Not that your co-workers are aware of my happiness gauge in relation to your outfits, but… Just saying.

    Also, you mentioned chai and this whole get-up is like one big, delicious, foamy, spicy chai of a look. Yay! Channeling beverages!


  10. heh i like these coworker comments cos it’s sort of that extra reminder that this is an outfit that wandered around the street, sat at a desk, maybe had a near miss with a spill at lunchtime etc etc.

  11. Yay tights with shorts! That’s how I plan to transition my shorts for fall. I’m a bit north from you, but yeah, I keep trying to wear fall clothes and discarding most of my outfit by noon. Blah.

  12. Isn’t it crazy how something so cute and relatively simple can bring on weird comments?

    You should ask them why they look so boring next time they question you. I work in an office too, I know how this shit goes.

    yawn, you know?

    love you, honey.

  13. this outfit is SO cute. i love the combo or shorts and tights, not that i’ve ever worn it, but i want to, i just don’t have tights or shorts to pull it off. but super cute.

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