yay weekend!

tgif, right?

no photos today.

but here’s what’s up for the weekend…

tonight – i’m treating my funky feet and bitten nails to a mani/pedi.  afterwards, i may stop at target to buy $100 worth of things i don’t need.  then it’s home…to veg on the couch and catch up on antm and project runway.  go me.

saturday – up early with the crazies to peruse a few garage/estate sales.
eyebrow waxing (i have fuzzy little caterpillars on my forehead…it’s time.),
a little girl’s bday party in the afternoon,
dinner with a friend,
bed early…

sunday – up even earlier than saturday, to run a 5k.  i am in no way prepared for this race, but i’m doing it anyway.

what are you up to this weekend?

have a great one!

xo, paige


11 thoughts on “yay weekend!

  1. what what???? a 5k?! you little sneak, you didn’t even tell me. so proud of you for signing up!!! so when are we doing one together?
    well sounds like you’re gonna have a great weekend. have fun and you best be letting me know how the race goes!!!!

  2. yay weekend is righhhhhhht. looks like u have a good one planned! i hope you get good weather for all that stuff!
    I have a question that may make me look really dumb.
    I never really thought about the sun and otehr parts or the planet… I kinda just assumed everyone had shorter days in winter wether it got cold or not. Am I completely ignorant here? haha. I feel dumb. it gets dark at like 4pm here in the winter. are you telling me you don’t have to deal with that poop? Or did I read your comment wrong? I probably should email you this question so that you are the only one who sees it… but now that i wrote it, im too lazy. :S

    • haaaaaahahahhaha!
      you’re funny.
      it’s not a stupid question at all.
      i’m still fascinated with the all day/all night dark/light situation in alaska. like…fascinated.
      anyway, back to your question. it’ll start getting dark here soon, too…but never as early as 4. like now, it’s still pretty light out until 7pm. but even in the winter, it doesn’t start getting dark until 530/6.

      • good to know ;)
        In the winter, it’s brutal, I leave the house in the dark and leave work in the dark. It’s depressing! [good think I love snow!]

  3. oh my gosh – who signs up a for a 5k unprepared?! thats AMAZING, paige! good luck and let us know how it goes!

    i’ll be thrifting and overindulging in food AND drink ;) enjoy your $100 of fun stuff from tar-jaay. i do the same thing!!!

  4. We went to Target tonight too! Bob said, “I hate this store because it makes me want to spend all my money.” :) I love that place!
    Sounds like you have a great weekend! Have fun!

  5. Aren’t you cute? It all sounds like so much fun (esp. the shopping). And since you asked, moi:


    shopping with my sister in law
    lunch with my mom
    playing at the park with my son and husband


    church in the morning
    crafternoon with a friend
    clothesswap that night
    pancakes at some point

    This is a fairly busy weekend for me. Mostly I like to do lots of nothing (ie. park outings and walks and pancakes). So nice of you to ask when I actually have something I’m up to!

    heart: miss furnellie

    ps. 5k? you kick ass. That’s impressive. all I can do is run a couple blocks!!

  6. Wow, that sounds like a really full weekend! The mani/pedi sounds heavenly though. I could really use some pampering time right now. And then you’re going to run a 5K? Holy cow. You’re my hero.

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