random p h o t o s

happy saturday!

i was cleaning up my cell phone’s photo album and thought i’d share.


at a diner in ny.  steve’s seat, my breakfast.

morning in big sur.

man dressed as a woman.  gotta love downtown la.

in the restroom of a hole-in-the-wall bar, downtown san diego.  i got a “one day marriage license”.  how the hell is that a “sexy surprise”??

tenderloin sandwich.  this is how we do it in peoria, illinois.  i damn near ate a whole one.

hmmmmm.  best caption wins 20% off at barefoot & vintage on etsy.  leave your entry as a comment.

bolomania at the thrift store!!

hello!  i’m in my bathroom.  taking photos of myself.  surprise, surprise.

this is my desk.  one day, i literally had this many drinks on it.  i mean, really?  coffee cup from 7 eleven, cold coffee, iced tea, and water.  ridic.

i just purchased these from tjmaxx.  normally 5’3…i am a breathtaking 5’8 when i wear them.


that’s all for now.  i am on the couch with another headache.  *pout*

have a wonderful day!

xo, paige


5 thoughts on “random p h o t o s

  1. Booooo headaches.

    This was a super fun post! I love seeing the pictures that other people take with their phones.

    A one day marriage license as a sexy surprise? I think not.

    Those clogs, however…THOSE are sexy. I really love them!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend and that your headache went away!

  2. My coffee table where I’ve been camped out blogging the day away looks just like your desk. A coffee mug, 2 cans of fresca, a water bottle and a tumbler. Can’t wait to see you stomp aroung in your new clogs once you’re feeling better!

  3. I think a one day marriage is actually the opposite of a sexy surprise.

    Love those clogs. I have the opposite height problemo. I’m almost 5’10” sans shoes, so when I pop on a pair of 5-inchers I am a freak of nature giantesse. Oh, and my fiance is the same height as me. Ah, to be 5’5″, if only.


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