i’ve been having the best dreams lately.

a couple of nights ago, i dreamt that i was living in england (i’m pretty sure), somewhere out in the country.  it was dreary and rainy, kinda cold.  i was wearing a thick sweater, a long floral dress, and over-sized rain boots.  i walked down a long dirt road, a fence on each side.  i stop at the mailbox, open it, and find several envelopes addressed to me.  i begin opening them and they’re all from literary agents.  the letters are explaining that they’ve all come across my blog and that they love the way i write.

all of them want to sign me.


dream.come.true.  (well, not really.  you know what i mean.)


i kinda wanted to cry when my alarm went off.

i’ve contemplated writing a book…maybe one of these days i will.  we’ll see.

i’m wearing…
vintage, nautical blazer – thrifted
lace dress – nordstrom
vintage belt – thrifted
vintage boots – mo vintage. on etsy
**i wore this on saturday.  had dinner with a friend.

i also dream [pretty regularly] about perusing estate sales, antique stores, garage sales, flea markets, etc…(duh.)

of course, i find the most amazing vintage items at unreal prices. incredible dresses, shoes, handbags, scarfs…you name it, it’s right there…at my fingertips.  i don’t even have to elbow other girls out of my way.

it’s literally laid out for my taking.  i always end up hopping, skipping, or twirling to my car with a shit ton of amazing finds!

and then the flippin alarm goes off.

my alarm is so rude.

ah well.  at least i’m not dreaming about being naked in front of a room full of strangers…or…walking out of a bathroom in a busy restaurant with toilet paper stuck to my boot.

oh wait.  that wasn’t a dream.



happy monday friends!

may all your dreams come true.

xo, paige

ps…today is the last day to enter the barefoot & vintage giveaway!

you must leave a comment HERE, to qualify.

thanks and GOOD LUCK!


17 thoughts on “alarmed

  1. you are looking exceptionally pretty here. (who am i kidding? you’re always a beaut)
    I have been having really crappy dreams, waking up with a sense of dread or just a sense of something being off or fucked up and often I have no idea why, I just know that I dreamed something that really freaked me out. I also often dream that im in someone else’s bed and naked and i often get to the point where Im trying to grab clothes off the floor to put on while covering myself then I realize it was just a dream. Your England dream sounds FABULOUS. I wouldnt want to be a writer necessarily but still, AMAZING. And the best dreams happen right when you need to get up. bummer!

    Oh and WHAT THE F. Merl sold some boots in our size? I had no idea. Im jealous.

  2. I hate the morning alarm. Hate it. There is never an alarm that sounds soothing upon waking up.

    Those dreams sound fabulous! At least you do have nice dreams.

    AND – you look gorgeous in that white lace dress! LOVE that blazer with it, too.

  3. My dreams are never that fun. Last night I dreamed that I couldn’t take off my jeans. I have a glamorous subconscious, huh?
    That dress is beautiful on you. I love how you created a dressy-but-I’m-not-really-trying look by adding the caramel boots. My fave!

  4. Oh no, I don’t wish my dreams come true! Last night I was attacked by a giant tiger! It killed a huge horse first, the I thought he’s gone, but he came back, running, stopped in front of me, turned his head and opened his mouth!… Well there is a saying here, “your ass must be cold while sleeping” if you’re having a bad dream :) Thankfully the finish at the worst moment! At the best too unfortunately… Like the best holidays… Well, you look gorgeous, so so so beautiful! Oh I’d like you to sign your book to me ;)

  5. wow – your dreams are exceptional! i hardly ever remember mine, but over the weekend i dreamed i maced a bear who was chasing after me. ???

    ps – i also LOATHE alarm clocks. they are the worst!!! i can’t wait for the day i may cease using one. (some day…siiiiigh)

  6. right now, i am fostering kittens and every dream i have is about animals overrunning my house. issues? girl, get on the give away already. and, i LOVE my dress! duh. and, i totally forgot about my gingham. must find something else( in your lovely shop) i guess!
    and, all is not lost, egon VF(you know who I am talking about) is currently visiting China
    and will come back with a brand spanking new twin! excitement!

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