happy happy joy joy

“i don’t think you’re happy enough, that’s right!”

i’m wearing…
blouse – urban outfitters
obi belt – gift from a friend
vintage skirt – for sale at barefoot & vintage on etsy!
wedges – cathy jean
**photos by taylor**

[remember ren and stimpy?  hysterical.  i loved that show.  it was so gross and annoying.  i think my son would love it.  in fact, i may pull up episodes on youtube for him to enjoy.  that should earn me a few cool points.]

it’s always fun to take photos with taylor.  he makes me laugh, does silly things, has an interesting point of view…he even turned on the flash!  he said, “it looks better.”  hmmmm.  really?

i went with it.

we even rolled down a little hill in our yard and did somersaults in the grass.  my legs were itchy for hours after and i found sticks and leaves in my hair this am, but it was so worth sharing a few hearty laughs with my son. 


nothing much to say, today….

have a good one!

xo, paige


17 thoughts on “happy happy joy joy

  1. Those are some fabulous, sweet, happy memories you’re making with your son. I love hearing about the fun you have with him!

    This outfit is perfection. I absolutely love mixing pink and red and it all comes together with the blue in the blouse. Gorgeous!

    And oh yes, I loved Ren and Stimpy! I had their Christmas *ahem* cassette.

    Oh I’m so old.

  2. So my boyfriend and I watch old episodes of Ren and Stimpy every Saturday morning. I watch it now and I’m like, “Were my parents on drugs? Why did they let me watch this?”

    But when the commercial for Log came on and we both started singing along to every word… I knew that television show had really been ingrained deep into my heart. Did you know that Ren’s last name is like Hoe-ack?

    That peachy skirt is perfect, I just want to print out a picture of you and fold it up and stick it in my pocket. Wait that’s creepy… You’re adorable there… is that better? :)

  3. Such a happy happy post! I immediately started singing the song when I read your title! it makes me wag my tail. the tail I have in my mind. but it makes my butt wiggle. Ah never mind I’ll explain it to you later! So nice to see that lovely smile on you my love!

  4. love this!!! sometimes it takes seeing things through a child’s eyes (especially your own child’s eyes) to remember the fun in life. he sounds like such a cool kid. and yes i totally watched that show! isn’t that the same show that had ‘it’s log, its log. it’s big, it’s heavy it’s wood. it’s log it’s log, it’s better than bad, it’s good’?

  5. I think it is BRILLIANT that you have trained your child to photograph you! In all seriousness, you should have him take more of your shots, you look so happy. To quote Audrey Hepburn (I think…), “I believe that the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”

  6. Paige, you are cuter than cute! And I LOVE these photos. SO MUCH FUN! And the outfit is totally brilliant.

    Oh, and I am beyond shocked you have a son old enough to do your pics! You just look so, well, young! (and lovely!). I will have to add you to my “mom bloggers UNITE!” blog roll! I didn’t know you were a mom. It’s nice being a mom, isn’t it?

    I can’t wait until my son is doing my pictures! How fun is that?

    heart: miss furnellie

  7. I’m a long time looker and I’ve yet to comment… but I am LOVIN’ this outfit of yours. Maybe it’s the mixing of sheer and bright and peach… whatever it is, I’m smitten. Also, I love that your little boy takes your photos… it makes me happy :)

  8. Log! Log! It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s wood.

    Log! Log!

    It’s better than bad-

    it’s good!

    UM- that’s a Ren and Stimpy song, too. And, I actually did go back and watch some old episodes, and holy effing shit. That cartoon was so homoerotic and disgusting I still cannot believe it made it on TV. Let alone Nickelodeon! But I will forever and always love it to pieces.

    I think that’s why us ladies who spent a lot of time in the 1990s are so hip and awesome. Girls these days don’t have that shit. They have Bratz and Hannah Montana. They don’t have fart jokes and extreme close-ups of snot and butt-hair. It’s a shame, it really is a shame.

    And you look absolutely beautiful. Did Urban make that blouse especially for you?

    Did I just give you the lamest pick-up line ever?

    Yah. So what.


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