i’m wearing…
vintage dress – for sale at barefoot & vintage on etsy!
vintage boots – thrifted
navy belt – taken from another dress
**photos by taylor**

ahhhh…i’ve been sitting in front of this post, typing deleting typing deleting…i don’t know what to say! 

i’m in a great mood and the day is going well…i just…ummmm…can’t seem to string sentences together.

so here are a few random thoughts…

*i wore this outfit to work yesterday, but with wedges instead of boots, a different belt, and no headband.

*when i got home, i started playing dress-up and transformed myself into a modern version of daphne from scooby doo…right?!  don’t ya think??

*taylor took these photos.  and my dad was in town, too…this “photoshoot” ended up being a family affair.  ha!

of course…when two boys (one a man) are around, things start to get silly.  my dad was shooting a foam missile at me every time taylor snapped a photo. 

here’s a shot of my dad reloading…

needless to say, silliness ensued and the photos just got more and more ridiculous.  i’ll spare you (this time). 

but here’s a little love…from me to you!

ps.  it’s so fall-like here today!  i’m looooving it.  *le sigh*

happy hump day!  enjoy it.

xo, paige 


14 thoughts on “zoinks!

  1. oh man, we watch a ton of scooby doo at our house! i knew exactly what the title referred to before even reading it. i’m hoping to get the family to dress up as characters from scooby doo for halloween this year. wouldn’t that be fun? that also means i’d have to get a wig, and really that’s the most motivating factor. love how you styled this. so cute with the boots and headband. you should totally keep this dress :)

  2. Oh, fall. At this point I’ve forgotten what fall even is.

    You do look like Daphne! Only much, much cuter. And for some reason I thought of Wonder Woman too.

    I love the boots and the headband, I think they make the outfit!

    You are gorgeous. I love this!

  3. You’re like the prettier, more chic version of Daphne! And really your family just looks like so much fun :) Love the waves in your hair, too! Did you try the outside-the-curling-iron method? Beautiful! xo

  4. I laughed out loud about your Dad sabotoging you with foam during your photos. High five on the giggles, Dad.

    You look adoreable; love the addition of the red boots, what a smart yet simple pairing, Daphne.

    I just now got your titles post. I can hear it… zoinks!

    XO, butterfly.

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