i flossed for two hours last night.

 here it is.  white after labor day.  pssshhht.  and? 

i imagine my east coast friends are tsk tsking, “girl, you’re committing a fashion crime.” 

and my west coast friends are all, “hell yeah girl, you should be wearing all white.  have you been outside today?  it’s a thousand degrees!” 

2pac and biggie have nothing on this rival. 

 so, i have a dentist appt today.  dun dun duuuuuun. 

don’t judge, but…i haven’t been in years. 

i think my fear of sitting in that torture chair stems from horrific childhood memories of my dentist gagging me with oversized mouth trays filled with thick gel-like fluoride, scraping my teeth with that sharp hook thingy, shooting my gums with novocaine, then ripping my teeth out with shiny metal pliers. 

all that due to a small mouth and overcrowding…it’ll scar you for life. 

 not to mention the fact that i have to keep my mouth open for so long…is so freaking irritating.  (i mean, that should be a voluntary thing.  wink wink nudge nudge.)  

in more exciting news… 

i received a positive comment from a coworker.  TWO, actually! 


“there she is, my ralph lauren model.  especially today.” 

(whaaaaaaaa?!  awesome.)  

and then… 

“you’re more catalog today.  playing it safe, i guess.  lately, the looks have been very runway.” 

(huuuuuuuuuuh??  where am i?  who are you?  what have you done with my coworkers?) 

truth is, i liked the idea of this outfit (which was worn yesterday), but the skirt was so poofy and white that i felt fat in it all day long.  figures my coworkers would like something that i’m not diggin. 

i’m not complaining.  i’ll take “ralph lauren model” any day of the week. 

 keeping with my randomness today… 

taylor took a picture that is “fall inspired”. 

he calls it, “fall sky with trees” 

enjoy it.  and enjoy your wednesday! 

xo, paige 

i’m wearing…
chambray button up – target
necklaces – gifts
belt – local boutique
90s esprit skirt – thrifted
vintage wedges – etsy





19 thoughts on “i flossed for two hours last night.

  1. you are like soooooo a ralph lauren model!! i think you look so fresh and beautiful, but i totally get it when you’re not feeling an outfit. no matter how many compliments you get, it’s not the same as loving it yourself. and i HATE the dentist. i have bad teeth so i go in every time expecting to have cavities. i think it’s all a conspiracy anyway. no one knows what a cavity looks like. i think the dentist makes them up just to keep you going back every 6 months. it’s really all lies.

  2. I’m wearing white today and I’m on the east coast(ish) Is it a coastal thing? Well if it’s war you want… I’ll take your 100 degree heat and raise you a rainstorm and darkness. Take that.

    pretty good coworker comments. I get a lot of silence which I take as ‘if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all’ haha.

    I need to go to the dentist. After I moved 2 years ago, I never got around to finding a new dentist :S and now my teeth hurt when I eat sugar…

  3. bahahahahaha! i almost burst out laughing when you *wink wink nudge nudged* about the mouth open part. paige, you’re hilarious! thanks for making my day.

    i, too, hate the dentist but finally found one who is SO nice and always makes sure i’m really comfortable. i probably would have NEVER gotten my wisdom teeth out and lived with migraines for the rest of my life if i didn’t trust him. i would shop around if you can, ask friends if they have someone they like. i found my dentist on yelp!

    anyway, i hope it goes well!!! :)

  4. That’s hilarious about the co-workers. It sounds like they are genuinely interested, even if they didn’t really wanna be. I love that. I do I do I do.

    And I love this look, too. The crispness, the la-di-da-di that a long, flowing skirt creates. (And yeah- eff the labor day rule!)

    Also, in response to your comment, not your post: I hope that the dentist does bring you some relaxation and quietude from the day. What a strange thought, but I think you could be on to something. I know for a fact that this may be one of the better evenings I’ve had– anything would be, really. Actually, that’s a lie. There are many things that wouldn’t be better. Like getting a bucket of vomit dumped on me, or finding a grasshopper in my car (that happened), or finding some sort of living creature crawling under my skin, or being cursed by a gypsy. Whatever. Things could be way worse, I’m just an excellent complainer.

    What was I talking about?

    I’m sorry. My brain got lost in the microwave or something.

    Have fun at the dentist.

  5. Don’t question a good thing – never say no to a compliment even from a batty co-worker. I like the outfit too! And good luck at the dentist. I’m not much of a fan either. I finally went earlier this year for the first time in longer than I care to admit. I was convinced I had a cavity that needed fixing. I didn’t. Now my dentist thinks I’m a crazy hypochondriac because I asked him to be sure I didn’t have a cavity about 8 times. Good thing I probably won’t be going back in a timely manner. Give him some time to let my crazy memory fade.

  6. I am loving your blog SO much lately, your good mood is rubbing off on me heehee.

    How’s this for contrast. I go to the dentist every 3 months because I have a terrible genetic pre-disposition to plaque build up. As in, normal dental hygiene doesn’t do shit for it, trust me I’ve tried. So I have a ridiculous teeth cleaning routine which involves having to first brush with my normal brush, then spot clean with something i think is normally used for dentures (lol) then use this funny little thing that looks like a mini mini toilet brush THEN floss.

    Do you care about the above? I suspect probably not but I thought I’d share anyway. Haha.

    That is ze perfect chambray shirt.

  7. Oh, I love this look girl! Wear white all you want. It looks great on you.

    Ugh, I have a huge fear of the dentist and I’ve never had any real tooth problems. It’s just so scary having a bunch of metal and gloves in your mouth all at once.

  8. You look lovely as always! You made laugh with this post! Hehe! Made my good mood even better.

    The other day, you asked me what “tackies” are. They are sneakers. I wasn’t sure if South Africans were the only ones who said “tackies”.

    Also, about the Labour Day thing, I am not sure if I get it. I’ve heard the saying many times. But, is there a specific reason why people say it? Is it because it gets too cold to wear white? I feel so clueless now!

  9. Hi.

    Me again.

    First I wanted to see if you kept up the flossing like a good little lady….?

    Second, I wanted to thank you for the birthday love today. It really, really means a lot to me.

    Enjoy your Friday.

    Piles of love,


  10. One time I didn’t go to the dentist for like 5 years because I was in school and super broke, and I was scared shitless the night before thinking I was going to have to have like 20 root canals.

    Totes not the case. I did have two cavities, but I seriously felt like I won the tooth lottery that day.

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