just me and my couch. woo hoo.

this afternoon, i had a bowl of cereal for a snack.

just a second ago, i got up to get a glass of water and put my foot in the bowl.  yeah, i have milk all over the bottom of foot now.

that’s about as wild as it’s gonna get tonight, folks!

hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

i should have an etsy update for you on monday!

xx, paige

ps!!  one of my favorite things about october…syfy and amc show horror flicks




for the whole month!!  i love horror films.  even if they are made for tv, low budget, big screen rejects.

wearing…merona dress – thrifted. belt/scarf – thrifted, vintage.  the most amazing vintage boots ever – from merl over at mo vintage on etsy.


5 thoughts on “just me and my couch. woo hoo.

  1. you look so great!!!! i love this on you. and those sweet boots!! do you ever watch MST3K? that’s really the only syfy i can get into, and i HATE scary movies. they just make me uneasy and tense and what not. i’m pretty much a baby. but anyway, i love mystery science theater!! so funny.

  2. Your couch is one lucky sucker if you were hanging out on it in THIS outfit! Okay, I suspect you weren’t, but still. Love this look. It’s casual but still very put together. And the boots- nice call!

  3. love this outfit! the scarves tucked into the belt is so lovely. and yay for halloween! i cant wait for the peanuts great pumpkin movie to come on tv!

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