and a calmness washed over me.

guess what?

fall is finally here.  well, here as in…california here.  (eeeeeeep.  so happy!)

you know i’ve been waiting.  and waiting.  making my mean scrunchy face at the heat that just last week had me sweating and cursing mother nature. 

yesterday, it was cool and rainy and cloudy.

and while this weather typically calls for grumpy people and laziness, i get a surge of energy and want to save the world.  i often feel more organized and calm and the cool air seems to clear my head. 

also, the toilet seat is colder in the winter, so i think that cold porcelain on my bum, first thing in the morning, gets me going a lot faster.  agree?  discuss. 

ps.  these are my most favorite vintage, thrifted pants EVER.

i seriously hit the jackpot with these. 

in fact, i was with this girl when i found them.  miraculously, she passed over these beauties.  as in, literally did not see them on the rack.  what?!  you exclaim.  i know…crazy, huh?  i think she wanted to cry, but she held it together and decided, “they’d be too short on me anyway.”  (thanks for throwing me a bone, c.  wink wink.)

obviously these pants and i were meant to be.  they fit me like a freaking glove. 

anne klein (70s), navy blue, high high waist, major bell bottom…le sigh.

i will never sell these.  there are just some things you have to keep.  ya know?

wearing…vintage blouse – for sale on etsy.  vintage scarf – thrifted.  belt – anthropologie.  anne klein vintage pants – thrifted.  heels – steve madden.

 oh happy cloudy day.



11 thoughts on “and a calmness washed over me.

  1. i LOVE how high the waist is on these trousers! they remind me of mondo’s pants from project runway last week. did you see it? those pants were killer. the waist was like at the model’s boobs and i totally want a pair like that. these just look great on you. i love the scarf. and that pic of you with your hands on your hips? so sassy. you are just a red headed vixen aren’t you!!

  2. Your hair always looks awesome, did you know that? I am totally NOT on board with cold in the morning. In the winter I do NOT want to get out of my warm-ish bed in the morning… I usually look for 10 layers to put on to make the 10 second run to the bathroom. thank god for hot showers. AND THEN I don’t want to leave the warm steamy bathroom afterward. Walking back into that freezing air in a wet towel? EEEEEK. K lets switch places. It’s hard to believe I grew up in the country in a house with horrible insulation where my blankets would literally freeze to the wall. Cuz now I’m apparently a huge cold pansie. The end. you’re pretty.

  3. Hot pants! heh. Love em.

    Also, agreed on the cold toilet issue. Same thing with the “cool side of the pillow” If the pillow is cooler, I’m more likely to jump out of bed with a start.


  4. Well if I were Christina, I would fight with you for them :D hahah just kidding! They look just wonderful on you! And guess what? Your comment was the first thing I saw this morning and it made me feel really happy, which is very rare in the morning! :D Thank you, you’re a very very special lady! And I love fall too!

  5. I kind of hate you. It’s impossible for me to find vintage pants that fit. Apparently all the curvy girls only wore skirts and dresses back then >:/

    You know what would make my fall MORE perfect [besides it’s ability to perfectly color coordinate with my hair] if a weekend in tahoe magically took place.

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