under pressure


ugh…i’m feeling a bit under the weather, my friends.  as i write this, in fact, my cheeks feel warm, my back and neck are achy, my head feels a little fuzzy, and my nose is red.

i know i’m not getting sick, i won’t have a fever later this evening, i won’t wake up in the morning with the flu….

…because it’s stress related.  and now my body is trying to communicate…*robot voice*  can..not com…pute, o…ver hea…ting.  must…get…rest.  it’s literally shutting down on me and i can feel it.

so tonight, i rest.  maybe head to bed early.

but before i leave you, here are a few new items that went in the shop last night.

as always, please visit barefoot & vintage on etsy for measurements, pricing, and more photos.

ps.  thanks for letting me vent and be all “woe is me”.  i know i’m acting like a total buzz kill, but i’ll be good as new before ya know it!

wearing…vintage blouse – nomivintage on etsy. cardigan – local boutique. belt – thrifted. vintage skirt – q’s daydream vintage on etsy. knee socks – nordstrom. boots – penny loves kenny.

(worn yesterday, photos by taylor)


12 thoughts on “under pressure

  1. p: i have tried now several times to email you. and it always bounces back. this is sadness to me. i miss ‘chatting’ with you.

    and, shopping diet is done. so i will definitely be checking out the store.


  2. Paige, it seems like everybody is sick this week. I hope you feel better soon. This is a truly lovely outfit, in fact it inspired my own outfit for tomorrow (which is open house night so it’s a big deal outfit in the life of a teacher). Would you mind if I used a picture and linked to you when I post the look?

  3. Aw, my body has been totally doing the same thing. I hope you get the well-deserved rest you need. You can at least rest easy knowing that you look completely rad.

  4. the color on that skirt is KILLER! i WANT! now i have to go hunt the thrift stores for one! love it!

    and thanks SO MUCH for your amazing, supporting comment yesterday! i can’t wait to get more active! :)

    hope you feel better, dear! rest up and sleep in this weekend! that always helps me feel like a brand new gal.

    ps – atlas says thank you for the kiss! he’s a lady killer ;)

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