vintage golden stirrup pants
vintage 80s pink bow blouse
vintage 70s sweater vest
vintage adrienne vittadini navy wool trousers – SOLD!

ladies, thank you so so much for the kind “feel better” wishes.  i went home last night and relaxed as much as possible.  i couldn’t sit completely still though…i ended up listing a few items (above) and taylor and i made rice krispie treats.  mmmmmmmm!

i feel much better today, so hopefully my body is happy and we can live in harmony once again. 

but GAH!  guess what??

it’s supposed to be in the 90s this weekend.  and wouldn’t you know it…we’re going to the pumpkin patch.  

i’m telling you…every freaking time i go to the patch, it’s blazing hot!

mother nature, i got a bone to pick with you.  why must you tease me with rain and clouds and cold, fall weather?  just to turn around and blast me with nature’s furnace?



anyway, please go check out the shop to see my new items!  i’ll be listing a few more this evening, as well. 

and again, thank you for being so great.  it keeps me going.


ps.  will someone please be a dear and buy those stirrup pants?  because they are freaking awesome. 


One thought on “alakazam

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better… Rest is the key isn’t it? Well Paige, why don’t we change places for some time? Do you know why? because fall came here like 1 week ago and just left the country yesterday!!! Now it’s winter weather!!! Incredible! We’re freezing!!! Brrrrr!!!

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