fall. (in theory, in photos)

as i write this, the house smells like maple glazed bacon and the sounds of football fill the living room.  an hour ago, i was tearing through boxes of fall decorations.  i have pumpkins and spiders, skulls and skeletons…even handmade cinnamon candles (i made them!) sit atop the fireplace mantle.  but that’s not all!  saturday evening was spent perusing the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkins.  sigh.

it’s fall….

ish…the AC is on because it’s 90+ degrees outside.

however, i’ve managed to capture fall, regardless of the heat.

over the last several days, i’ve taken some “fall inspired” photos.  today, i’d like to share.


this little guy greets our guests.  bwaaahahahaha….

spiders on the mantle…eek!

ps.  i don’t know the little girls in the picture above.  i just couldn’t resist the littlest girl’s outfit!  those tights with that dress!  adorable.

in other weekend news…my little man decided to take the top bunk off his bed.  he now sleeps in a “big boy bed”.  we also moved his desk into his room.  ahhhh…he’s getting so…teenager-ish.  he’ll be 10 in 18 days.  double digits.  eek!

i’m thinking about having an outdoor party…maybe with a jumpy, old-fashioned games (like 3-legged races, bobbing for apples, a pinata, the egg/spoon race, etc), and then maybe a candy apple making table??

any ideas?  for games and such?  let me know!

i gotta start planning!

but before i go…thank you so much for reading and commenting on friday’s post.  one of my favorite things about blogging is when my readers share their own, similar stories.  it’s easy to feel alone in this world, right?  but i’m always humbled a bit when i learn that others go through the same stuff, the same hardships, battle the same inner conflicts, etc…  so thank you, thank you for reminding me that i’m not a freak.  or maybe that…you’re all freaks, too!  haha!  kidding.

*photos taken by me, some by taylor*


15 thoughts on “fall. (in theory, in photos)

  1. i LOVED seeing these pics! i showed matt and told him that we are going to a pumpkin patch as a family this year. it just got me super excited about fall and halloween and stuff. i love the lights in that one photo. just looks so festive and fun and wonderful. and i can’t believe your son is going to be 10!!!!!! wow. he is such a handsome boy. you should be so proud of him :)

  2. It least it looks like fall there! All the leaves in nyc are still green. And I need to find a pumpkin patch & apple orchard stat. That’s literally all I want to do.

    I remember being 10 and all the best parties had goodie bags, so I think that’s a must. I mean, that was a while ago so I’m not sure if that’s still en vogue. Maybe you could have pumpkin carving too?

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your skulls and spider things, I wish I lived in a four season country alas i just have to put up with either rain or shine :))
    Wishing you a beautiful day

  4. you and taylor are too cute. 10 yrs old! you don’t look like someone who’s old enough to be a mommy to a 10 year old! hot mama! ;)

    girl it was 90 here over the weekend! gah, so irritating! i hope it cools down for you soon so you can pile on the sweaters and get cozy with some *real* fall weather.

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