just another shop update.

90s black and white lines blouse

slouchy metallic animal print sweater

70s rusty lines turtle neck

70s creamy white blouse

red vintage boots

vintage metallic brown boots

80s mustard yellow pumps

true blue vintage 80s flats

vintage 70s boho wedges

vintage 70s wire rimmed aviators

vintage 70s anne klein for riviera sunglasses

vintage 3-strand necklace

 hello friends! 

i added some new items to the shop last night…hop on over and take a look-see!

(my personal faves, the ones i’m having a hard time letting go of…animal print sweater, red boots, and the boho wedges.  love love love.)

but you can buy them if you want.  i promise not to get mad.

i’m glad you enjoyed my fall photos!  i keep looking at them, because they make me feel so happy and snuggly!  in fact, i’ve been looking so much, i’m about to leave myself a comment.  ha!

but seriously…

i’m sending you good monday vibes…happy, snuggly ones.

have a great week!


3 thoughts on “just another shop update.

  1. Oh gosh I love that necklace! It has the same clasp that all of my grandma’s old pearl necklaces have that I love so dearly. I may just have to buy it!

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