a day like yesterday…

…gives monday a good name!

work went by fast, taylor and i went on a long bike ride together in the evening, and everything else just seemed to fall into place.

yesterday was a fantastic day.

good job, monday…what’s gotten into you?

whatever it is has certainly set the tone for a kick-ass week.

i can feel it.

(ps…i get to see MP this weekend.  yeeee haaaawwww!)

wearing…sweater – local boutique.  vintage eyelet blouse – thrifted.  vintage necklace – thrifted.  belt – anthropologie.  dress – local boutique.  wedges – target. 

*photos by taylor*



18 thoughts on “a day like yesterday…

  1. I am so happy to hear that your day was so great!! You must be a fall winter girl! Good for you! I know I can always look to you this season for a nice smile and good vibes! Aaaand you look absolutely gorgeously beautiful in these shots ( but really, when are you not!?) glad to hear about your weekend guest as well, which may have something to do with that marvelous glow? Ah, the look of love! Missing you lady! Hope we can chat soon!

  2. Oh and it’s amazing that Taylor took these shots! Whoa!! Better than profesh!! Tell him he’s gonna be the next sartorialist!!

  3. Oh, you’re son is becoming a wonderful photographer!!! And you lady, you look as beautiful as heaven! I’m happy that you had a good day and (since you saw MP) a good weekend too! :)

  4. I’m so glad you had a good Monday. That gives the rest of us hope that it IS possible! :)

    I love this outfit on you, the blouse is so pretty and the black and brown look great.

    Hope Tuesday is just as good!

  5. YES olive green is an AMAZING color with your beautiful red locks! and, i had not previously thought of matching olive green with gray. expect me to steal that combo from you, like STAT.


  6. god you’re pretty. don’t mind my seething jealousy over here.. it’s not easy to realize that a fellow ginger looks better in the fall than I do. Even though the M claims I look good in green, I don’t like looking like an xmas tree so I’m going to swallow my pride, flick the green monster off my back and admit graciously that you look fucking gorgeous. Tell Taylor he needs to move to wisco to take my photos.

  7. Hey! sorry it’s taken me so long to visit your blog…as you know I was on a little getaway,and YES-I did hang out w/our mutual buddy Alyson! It was real fun, she’s a doll!

    Anyhow, now on to you! These pictures are beautiful. I love outdoorsy pics but something with the sunlight coming thru the trees (like the last photo specifically) and the fact that it kinda sorta is looking like Fall…I just love it! You look great as usual, I like the belt (just thought I’d throw in something about the clothes too…but yeah, the belt, nice!)

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