…i miss you gals. 

i’m knee-deep in unread posts (499 according to bloglovin’) and i have several “how are you??” emails to reply to…

i’m not ignoring, just living.

the car accident, taylor’s [ridiculously time-consuming/rude] homework load, planning his bday party, going to dentist appointments, running errands…not to mention MP is in town…has left little to no time for blogging, outfit planning, picture-taking, or etsy-ing.

by next week, i should be up and running.  i have photos from last weekend that i can’t wait to share with you!  (including shots of MP!)

don’t give up on me just yet.

i hope you’re all well and that you’re looking cute in your outfits!  i’m sure i’m missing funny stories about your dogs/kids/coworkers, witty observations about life, adorable dresses, boots and tights, and scarves and capes.  *sigh*


 ps.  exactly a week (to the day) after i got into my accident, MP headed out to grab a bagel and jamba juice at a local strip mall…

as he’s walking through the parking lot, a woman backed into him!  like, hit him!  literally backed into his leg!!!

iiiiiii know, right?! 

and actually, when he called to tell me…i laughed so hard, i had tears in my eyes.  not because it’s funny, but because i think i was on the verge of going slightly mad.  i mean seriously, the irony of it all was just too much. 

but pps…he’s okay and i’m having a really great hair day.  so…things are looking up.  thanks for throwing me a bone, universe. 


16 thoughts on “intermission

  1. I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!! can’t wait to see your pretty face again in the blogosphere (man i hate that word, why did i use it? pretend i didn’t, okay?) so glad you’re having a good hair day and are feeling better. so sorry about MP and his car accident/pedestrian accident (although i totally get why you laughed. that’s something i’d laugh about too if matt called me with such a story). i think you guys are probably done with crap for a while. anyway, have a great day!!!!!

  2. girly you are too cute…i can’t wait to see pics of MP! GAH! and SO glad he is okay! what are the freaking odds of that happening?! crazytown.


  3. Sending lots of get-well-soon vibes your way! When the universe speaks, we must listen, eh? I truly hope you’re recovering well, so sorry for what you had to go through. We’ll always be here to support!!


  4. I’m glad you stopped by to give us an update. I’m super happy things are on the upswing and getting better:)

    We miss you!

  5. Hey Paige…I’m not a big commenter but follow your blog and have bought a dress from your shop. SO sorry to hear about your crazy accident but glad you’re in one piece and getting better!

  6. Blogging and hosting an online store requires so much time. It amazes me how some of these ladies do it. I looked through your blog and think it’s very nice. I’m looking forward to your return.

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