just a quickie



these photos were taken a couple of weekends ago.  we spent a cloudy, fall sunday in ventura (a small beach town)…thrifting, taking photos, and then enjoying a beer and some mexican food. 

MP left this am.  (pout)  he stayed with me for 9 days!  the house will seem so quiet this evening…

i know i promised photos of him, but he wasn’t too thrilled with the ones we took.  sorry!  i promise you’ll meet him one of these days. 

pinky swear.

hat – gift/purse – vintage coach/dress, leggings, cardi – local boutique/belt – anthropologie/boots – madewell


14 thoughts on “just a quickie

  1. so glad you have not been walking around naked these last few weeks, i was really starting to get concerned with the lack of outfit shots.
    altho with the boy toy visiting, i wouldnt blame you really.
    hope all is well paigy waigy.
    y’all come back again ya hear?

  2. Hey, I love your photos! Mighty beautiful tree:)

    Saw you link over on Second skin and thought I’d drop by.

  3. yay! i too missed you. and i am in love with these pics! you look so happy and like you’re having a blast. can’t wait to ‘meet’ mp one of these days :)

  4. it’s about damn time. You’d think you got into a super scary car accident and needed time to recuperate and be with family or something…

    oh wait.

    God I missed you. Is it February yet? I’m calling you tomorrow to catch up.

  5. I thought I had lost you forever.
    You are one of my first inspirations to start blogging!
    I am a 46 yr.old “old hippy chick” who still loves trendy fashion with vintagy stuff as well. I am now following you :)
    If only I could find the “SKitten” again ;)

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