happy hump day!

enjoy this hilarity.

ps.  what do you think of my new blog digs?

dope or nope?


9 thoughts on “kittens.

  1. I like I like. Subtle tweaks, makes it feel fresh. Oh hi.

    And I’ve seen this video before…it’s hysterical. “Double head!!”

  2. My love for this video reaches deep into my heart. Its a little squishy place that thinks everytime I see a whicker wine bottle rack, “We are wine bottles!”

    The blog layout is AWESOME… swoooooon!

  3. So I use google reader usually to read through everything, but I do like the new look of the place. Spruced it up a bit!

    Also, I love kittens inspired by kittens. I loved it so much when I first saw it that I researched amazon until I could locate a hard copy and bought it from an individual seller. I must say the book is even better in person.

    Now I randomly find myself yelling “Peppers & Chips” “I want pie! I want beefy jerky!” Or when I really need to get to work, “Braaiiinnstorrrm!”

    Ok, I’ll stop with my favorite quotes now, but this is seriously one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on the internet, like evar.

  4. Thank you for reminding me of how much I love that video. I’m sitting at my desk (cough… slacking off… cough) giggling to myself with my headphones on. Amazing.

    Also, the blog looks great homey!


  5. Can’t see the video (blocked at work)
    BUT I have to tellyou, I almost set up this EXACT blog template today. It was actually changed for a good 5 minutes then i had a mini nervous breakdown and couldnt remember what my old blog template was and couldnt find my header… I died a little.
    all’s well now. and all this to say, i like the theme so much I ALMOST took it too.
    And I miss you. and all that jibber jabber.
    You’re like 50% of my readership. on behalf of all of us at tomorrow never knows, we miss you PP

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