hello goodbye

i’m sooooooooo




so glad that october is over.

quite frankly, it was awful for me!  it sucked!

wait…is it bad karma to talk about bad karma?

anyway.  gooooooodbye october!

hello sweet november.

let’s make it a good one.

meanwhile…here are a couple of photos of my mad hatter…

cute, huh?  okay, maybe not cute…cool, i guess.  he’s 10 now…i get in trouble for calling him “cute”.


oh hey, friends…in case you didn’t see it…

check out the barefoot & vintage MEGA SALE and enter to win a $50 credit to the shop!

i would really appreciate the help.

thanks, you’re the best!

wearing.  boots/jeans – local boutique, top – modcloth, vintage jacket – thrifted.


8 thoughts on “hello goodbye

  1. fabulous mad hatter! he looks awesome (tell him i said awesome and not cute). and your plaid jacket/sweater thingy is fantastic. love how cozy it looks. will you be selling?????

  2. At this point I am welcoming the upcoming months just to trick myself into thinking the cold season will be over faster.

    what an adorable costume! wait, I probably shouldn’t use that word either

  3. Your son is so cute! (you can tell him cool though!)

    And like Emily I also was worried by the title of your post… but glad to see you are sticking around! you have an amazing blog and I always look forward to reading your posts!


  4. Happy November Paige dear, and indeed, your Mad Hatter is really cute :)), I had my son dressed as the Grim Reaper, and my girl as a sparkly witch :)

    Here’s wishing you LOVE and Happiness in November :))


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