i’ve decided to close up shop.

yes, you heard right…barefoot & vintage [on etsy] is going “on vacation”.

for how long, i am not sure, but something has to give.
i have too much on my plate at this point in my life and the shop is starting to feel more like a second job, as opposed to a hobby.  i end up spending my evenings and weekends listing, blogging about new items, taking photos, shopping, wrapping, etc…it’s too much. 

as some of you may already know, i’m having a huge sale in the shop this week!

but it will only last until friday, november 5th until midnight.
  at that time, i will officially go…dark.

here’s where i need your help…

i’m trying to get the word out about my sale, so i’m asking that my lovely readers/fellow bloggers do one of two things…

*retweet this post on twitter
*post this banner on your blog, to let your readers know!  

use code:  [ad in the “<” in the beginning “/>” at the end] img src=”” width=”490″ height=”705″

whether you do one or both of those things, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post.
(obviously if you post it on your blog, i’d like to see the link.)

and for helping me out…

one of you will win a
$50 credit to barefoot & vintage!
(on saturday, november 6th i will randomly draw a name.  winner will be notified via email.  and even though the shop will be “closed”, i’ll open it to the winner!)

if you’re a vintage seller and are interested in buying items in bulk [to sell in your own shop], please email me at  i’d be more than happy to make a deal.  

you know, i seriously contemplated giving up the barefoot & vintage blog, as well…but i’m not ready yet.  i may not post as often and the content may vary [from fashion to vintage finds to family to MP], but i like my blog.  i enjoy writing.  and some of you like and look forward to what i have to say!  i just can’t justify giving that up.

to those who have purchased from my shop…thank you!  thank you for supporting my little endeavor.  it was a good run!

(ps.  i know a couple of you already tweeted/reposted on my other post…don’t worry, you’ll be included in this drawing.)

now come on over and take advantage of these ridiculous deals!
$5 sale bin
$20 or less!

i hope you find something you like!

xo, paige




21 thoughts on “announcement.

  1. it’s way more work than people think it is. totally understand. your time is important!!! SO VERY GLAD you’re not shuttering the blog! i would miss your musings and pretty face too much!!! xoxo

  2. tweeted for you! and can i just say how ecstatic i am that you are keeping your blog?!! that would be a sad day. alas, i’ll still get my weekly[daily] dose of Paige! xoxo

  3. Sorry to hear about the shop closure, glad to hear the blog will continue. It is so good to recognize that something needs to end in order to keep your sanity/ love the people you love in the right manner/ take time for yourself/ whatever the reason may be. Its admirable.

  4. Tweeted for you :) (@dbitzan)

    Just picked up two pieces from the shop- so excited and can’t wait.

    Hope your hiatus treats you well.

  5. Oh paige, sneaky girllll.
    I 100% feel ya. i dont want to get rid of my shop but sometimes i wonder why i get myself entangled into sooo many projects at the same time and then end up doing everything half ass. There is just sooo much i want to do and I don’t have time to do it all. I’m happy if you are happy and if closing shop means you have more time to spend with your lova and son then awesome. I’m kinda excited to just get more PAIGE on the blog. I donno if ppl really care about all my blog ramblings but i definitely love hearing others’ so paige on. turn the paige, one paige at a time… paiging dr paige…

  6. i went to write 3 is the magic number then it made me think of a song from a movie i love.

    wait i forgot about my comment… so i blogged it… but i have like no friends on twitter so it would be pointless to tweet to ppl u already have hahaha.
    I don’t need to win anything, i just wanna helpppppppp :)

  7. i totally understand, as you DO have tons on your plate….but this is sadness. i am going to def head over and peek around the shop.

    let’s email soon!


  8. Hi Paige!

    Congrats on closing! You can only do so much, love and friendship are the only things that should matter!

    You could make the blog a weekly journal, we will still read it!


    • thank you so much, ingeli!! you should comment more often! i thought i lost ya. ;) hope all is well! don’t be a stranger…send an email anytime.

  9. I tweeted @jhitomi. Sometimes you have to put yourself on top priority and take care of yourself. Good luck with everything.

  10. NO GIVING UP THE BLOG! Please, don’t take your lovely self away from us. I can say w confidence that there are at least 10 people I know who’d cry…a lot.

    I already tweeted about your sale, but I’ll post it on sartoriography, too, once I’m finished studying for this bloody Swahili exam!

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