but wait! there’s more…

 ahhhhhh!  items are selling like hot cakes!  thank you so much for retweeting, blogging, and buying!  you’re all so wonderful. 

up until this am, there were still several “full priced” items for sale, but not any more!! 

take a look…

 vintage corduroy and lace vest  – WAS $24, NOW $12
vintage khaki shirt dress – WAS $24, NOW $12
vintage 60s lace dress – WAS $24, NOW $12
vintage gunne sax wedding dress – WAS $89, NOW $50

 vintage satin and lace drop waist dress – NOW PRICED AT $25
90s floral print culottes – WAS $28, NOW $12
black vintage pantsuit – WAS $32, NOW $12
80s slouchy animal print sweater – WAS $28, NOW $12

 vintage 70s turtle neck – WAS $20, NOW $10
vintage 70s sweater vest – WAS $22, NOW $10
vintage charcoal grey day dress m/l – WAS $38, NOW $16
stirrup pants – RESERVED.

vintage 70s boho wedges – WAS $22, NOW $12
80s mustard yellow pumps – WAS $20, NOW $10

other items that just went on sale…

red ethnic print skirt – $12
chambray floral print skirt – $10
70s pastel plaid levis [pants] – $15
vintage navy blue and white striped tennis dress – $10
vintage 70s blazer – $12

new in the $5 bin…

vintage southwest style white leather belt
vintage pykettes high waist plaid pants

you can still win a $50 credit to the shop!  visit yesterday’s post for deets on how to enter. 
and i know what you’re thinking…”paige, why would i enter a contest to win $50 towards a shop that’s closing?” 

good question.  i have an answer…

people, i’m not out of vintage.  i have a guest bedroom full of it…coats, boots, bolos, dresses, pants, etc…it will be sold…either on consignment through another etsy shop or maybe even via my blog…so…i will not disappoint you.  i promise.  if you enter and win, you’ll be able to put $50 to good use!

oh…and if you’re on a budget, but really like an item…make an offer!

now go shopping!  ;)

xo, paige


4 thoughts on “but wait! there’s more…

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  2. I never buy stuff online, I am afriad to let that demon out… but that wedding dress…
    I totally understand that you are letting the etsy shop go, something has to go before shit falls apart but I reeeeeaaaaallllyyy hope you keep posting so I can still creep your life, yesh?

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