how they wore it: a recap

over the last year, several bloggers and readers have purchased items from my shop, but a few of them kindly sent photos, so that i could share their styling magic with everyone!  in honor of closing the shop, i thought i’d re-share the photos and say THANK YOU to those lovely ladies.

this is my friend ashley.  she doesn’t have a blog, but she’s so stylish it makes my eyelashes hurt.  if she did join the fashion/style blog world, we’d all be in big trouble.  meaning, she’d take it by the balls and win.  (not that we’re in competition, i’m just saying…she’s good.)  when i first opened my shop, she was my biggest fan…she bought two belts from me immediately.  ash, thank you.  good supporting.  (wink wink)

i’m pretty sure most of you know this gorgeous betch.  if not, say hello to shannon of dirty hair halo.  she purchased the pink blazer and the vintage 70’s lace blouse.   shannon also supported my shop by posting a barefoot & vintage “button” on her blog.  thank you shannon!  i dig you.  you inspire me every damn day.

 meet anne of gathering color!  she made this simple cotton tank dress look amazing, don’t you think?  the perfect palette of colors and accessories.  well done, anne!  for inspiration through fashion and photos, visit her blog!

 you probably don’t know this girl…christina of second skin…not ringing a bell?  yeah, i didn’t think so.  she’s only been blogging for a year and she’s really struggling to get readers, so…maybe stop by her blog and show her some love.  ha!  but seriously…christina has been a great friend and an avid supporter of barefoot & vintage since the day i started!  c, thank you!!  for buying my stuff and answering vintage/etsy related questions.  you’re a constant inspiration to me, lady.
ps.  visit christina’s shop on etsy!

the lovely kate of twinkle toes and gold dangles purchased the dress you see in these photos.  (it’s actually a skirt.)  and more recently, she bought a vintage blouse.  thank you, kate!!  she has a handmade jewelry shop on etsy, as well…check it out! 
ps…kate just got married!! 

jaimee, from crabtastic, is one of my fave ladies…EVAR.  she’s my age, but i feel like she’s my older, wiser, more stylish, and crazy fun older sister.  (don’t take that as she looks old, because she doesn’t…she’s gorgeous!)  anywho, jaimee bought the moth-eaten, wooly mammoth egon von furstenberg sweater [above] for her clothing line…split.  she used the sweater in their fall 2011 lookbook AND as inspiration to mass produce a similar sweater!!  [please click on the link to the right to peruse the split lookbook.]  the line includes swimwear and vintage inspired clothing.  stay tuned!  i had the pleasure of meeting jaimee and her family this past summer.  they’re all very delightful…just like jaimee!  visit her blog for inspiration through photos, vintage, her family, and crafts…all delivered with never-ending wit and sass. 

meet the adorable cayce, of madame joy.  she’s bought a few dresses from me…thank you, chica!  i loved this dress when i found it and considered not selling it at all.  but i love how she styled this little number with taupe booties and a vibrant red belt.  bravo, cayce…bravo!

i freaking love courtnee of moments of whimsy.  not just because she’s bought several dresses from me, but because she has incredible style and a ridiculous penchant for mixing and matching colors, patterns, and fabrics…and i admire that, as it’s not something that comes easily to me.  thanks courtnee…for buying and inspiring!

last, but certainly not least, amanda from off of broadway!  if you read her blog, i don’t have to tell you how ridiculously awesome her style is…am i right?!  i love this girl…her stories, her style, her vibe…she’s gravy.  i was absolutely flattered when she purchased something from my shop…thanks mama!  oh and please visit her shop on etsy.  she’s selling some real vintage gems. 


i think i mentioned everyone who sent photos…if i missed you, i’m sorry!

  i really enjoy selling vintage, but getting to see the items styled and worn so creatively, is even more fun.  so thank you ladies, for indulging me…and my readers!

that’s all for today…but while i have you, don’t forget about my saaaaaa-aaaaale.  and please come back tomorrow, as i may have the most delightful sale offer yet!

xo, paige 


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