getting caught up.


isn’t it refreshing that i’m back to blogging and not just pushing you to buy really cheap vintage??  yeah, i thought so.
however, i sold almost everything…there are only 16 items left.  woot woot!

thank you so much for supporting me.  and to those who purchased something(s), please be patient.  i have a ton of items to wrap and only so many hours in the day to get to the post office.

as for the photos you see above…i’m a bit late in posting them, but thought i’d share anyway….

a few weeks ago, MP and i spent a saturday perusing thrift stores in an area that i hadn’t attacked yet.  it was a success!  vintage cowboy boots, a vintage leather jacket, tons of blouses and dresses, etc…  we stopped only briefly to have coffee at a hole in the wall diner and then walked thru a street fair/farmer’s market.  eventually, we found ourselves at this dope little vintage store called hidden treasures.  the owner had the whole place decorated for halloween, not to mention an entire room dedicated to costumes and props.  she also has a “treasure box” full of vintage clothing.  every item in that box is priced somewhere around a dollar, but you’re only allowed to buy 3 items.  i dug and dug and dug, but didn’t really find anything i liked.  although, i’m sure it gets picked over and replenished weekly.

the other rooms were overflowing with vintage tshirts, dresses, blouses, coats, lingerie, men’s clothing, hats, etc.  we found a richard marx concert tee that MP wanted sooooo bad, but it had a little stain on the front.  bummer.  i did purchase a sweater and a couple blouses, so it wasn’t a fruitless adventure!

i wish i could direct you to a blog or website, but the only thing they have is a facebook page.  if you’re ever in the los angeles area and have some free time, i highly recommend taking the drive into topanga canyon…it’s so worth it!

how cool are some of those vintage pieces??  the lamps?  that coffee table with the chick holding up the glass??  ahhhh…so many great treasures.  i can’t wait to go back!

vintage bed jacket/blouse – from vintage strings on etsy. thank you kelly!  btw, have you met kelly?  she’s sweet and adorable and has great vintage style.  check out her blog and etsy shop!
jeans – local boutique
boots – penny loves kenny
vintage coach bag – found at a garage sale

guess what?  MP comes tomorrow and i’m pretty sure i convinced him to stay for a couple of weeks, sooooooo…i promise to get a few photos.  he exists, i swear!  ha!



7 thoughts on “getting caught up.

  1. WOW Paige, what an adventure, I LOVE thrift shopping, even though it really scarce here in Asia, and you are right, there are so many treasures that I spy here in those pics. Pardon me for wiping my drool here behind the monitor :)

    I’m glad you sound so happy in this post, keep it up dear!!!


  2. Paige!
    I love your happy face on the fourth photo! Hope you will smile like that a lot with your shop closed!!!

    Liefs Ingeli

  3. This looks like the most fun day ever. I want to go into the treasure box! Good thing I’m not a dude saying that or I’d sound naughty. :)

    I want that bowl of keys. I might come to LA just to get some 45 cent keys. Who doesn’t need cheap antique keys?! Okay, probably the owner of that shop and maybe key thieves, but otherwise everyone needs antique keys. Including me.

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