several months ago, i found two pairs of suspenders at a thrift store and couldn’t resist the 75 cent price tag.
for months after, they hung lonely in my closet, slung over a hanger, waiting to be worn…

after a while, i decided that they were too old man-ish.  so i moved them to the “sell” box and never looked back.

but it seemed to me that suspenders and i had a future, as a few weeks ago, i came across a paisley print pair and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try them out.

yet again, they waited…and waited…and waited…
i intended to wear them to work one day last week, but right before i left the house, i realized i wasn’t ready to debut the suspender look.  so i ripped them off and went with something safe.

lo and behold, that very same day, my lovely friend shannon of dirty hair halo…rocked a pair of suspenders like it was nobody’s business.  i was thrilled and disappointed at the same time.

why didn’t i just go for it?!  if she can do it…so can i!

so i did.

thank you shannon.  for giving me the balls to hold my pants up with some old man’s suspenders.  who knew??  (i guess we did.)

so, MP is back!  our sunday afternoon was spent in santa monica…we enjoyed gourmet mexican food and yummy mojitos at the border grill, i bought a new pair of aldo brogue-style oxfords, we grabbed a cup of coffee, and then snapped a few photos.

sweater – urban outfitters
vneck – american apparel
suspenders – thrifted
skinny jeans – local boutique
vintage boots – thrifted

so what do you think?  would you wear suspenders?

if you have a pair, try them out and share!


28 thoughts on “suspended

  1. I love those suspenders – they’re super adorable. I’m actually quite obsessed with suspenders in general, but don’t actually own any.

    At my wedding next summer we are asking (ahem, forcing) the groomsmen to wear plaid suspenders in lieu of a tux. I do live in Maine after all.

    Anywho, I love ’em!


  2. You can wear anything. You’re so cute and just know how to make stuff work that others can’t. I love those on you. You’re making me want to try some, but I think I’ll look like I’m playing dress up. Ha ha! But you never know, I may bust some out!

  3. your hair = omfg amazing!!!! WANT! i started to type something about taking your hair and putting it on my head…but there is no way to take it there without being creepy. suffice it to say, i am jealous. this is the hair i’ve dreamed of!

    and the suspenders = WIN!!!!

  4. yeah you’re looking pretty snazzy there paigy. (haha paigy… do ppl call u that?)
    I have loved suspenders since high school when this boy i had a crush on who played the drums wore a pair to a show. i was smitten.
    I haven’t worn any in EVER. (I actually don’t know why I don’t have any anymore…)
    these are awesome woman. Can’t believe they are thrifted!
    One of my friends at work is actually wearing some with her pencil skirt today ;)
    your hair! ahhhhh when are we hanging out?

  5. I see suspenders at every thrift store I visit, and always think of how cute they would probably look in a number of outfits… and thanks to you, I think I actually may buy up a pair next time I go thrifting! Love this look!!

  6. wow, you look totally gorgeous in these photos. your hair is radiant, you curves are smokin, and you just have a certain gleam in your eyes. and the suspenders just take it all up a notch. i have a pair in my shop, but they aren’t cool old man ones, they’re crazy bright geometric patterned 80s suspenders. so yeah, i don’t really wear them.

  7. look out! you, my dear, are quite genius. i have wanted to try out suspenders also [i have a red pair somewhere i wore in college for a dance show]…
    p.s. i looked at those same oxfords in black! they will go perfectly with your suspenders! work that menswear, lady! :)

  8. I love love love your hair!!! And I also love your smile when MP is in town! :) Happiness!!! Oh and I like suspenders too, you know :) They’re not old man-ish I think but when I wear them on shorts, I look like a little boy :D

  9. I like the suspenders and have even worn mine with a skirt. Mentally, I’m working on a suspender rendition with a ruffled shirt.

    Some of the later photos in the post are reflecting a new quality…methinks, the photographer is smitten.

  10. This is so my life. I got it in my head that I literally NEEDED suspenders, so I went on a quest to buy them one weekend this past summer. Still have never worn them (outside my bedroom, that is). Yours are wayyy cuter, but maybe I’ll give mine another try. Maybe I’ll wear them to work and see how many people are like, umm are you wearing suspenders ash? (wearing weird things to work is one of the ways I amuse myself while pretending to be an adult.)

    Waiting on the picture of the mystery man…and your hair looks fabulous!

  11. I’ve always had the idea that suspenders would be massively unflattering, espeically with “the girls.” Apparently, that’s not true, because you look hot! I think the suspenders should become a mainstay in your wardrobe. Also, I’m really digging the balcony photos. Is this Taylor’s work? He might have a future in photography!

  12. Woman, you rocked the SHIT out of those suspenders. Damn. It. So good!

    Also, I got my BFV package today. Yay for lovely vintage, and thanks for the extra special something in the package. It’s such a cute scarf and I can’t wait to wear it!

  13. Rock dem braces, girl!

    I am a huge suspender fan. If’n you so cared, you could do a search on my blog for suspenders. You should find several entries.

    You look fabulous, and if I am correct in assuming that MP is taking these photos… well then, he’s one lucky guy. I can see the swoon in your eyes :)

    Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice.


  14. “Hi” right back! :) I love this whole look…I never knew not owning suspenders was a hole in my closet, but now I do! & these skinny jeans are exactly what I keep dreaming of finding.


    hot fucking damn. you look like GOLD. amazing with a capital A. YOUR HAIR??? at first I thought you had cut it, and it made me as happy as a kid in a candy store when I saw how long and luscious it was. lovely lady. I love the suspenders but unfortunately with the girls, they would either be chilling in my armpits or forced between the tots which is not the most flattering look. So if you could just keep wearing them and looking amazing for the both of us, that’d be great thaaaanks.

  16. Maybe it’s my Southern heritage rearing its badly accented head, but I really get all nostalgic and stupidly happy when I see hot women in suspenders. Okay, I didn’t actually know many hot women who wore suspenders when I was growing up, but you know what I mean. I have a pair myself, but they’re lost somewhere amongst Common Crow stuff and piles of clothes I need to fix or hem or otherwise remember I own.

    Even if I do find them, I suspect I won’t look quite so cool as you do here. There’s just something fantastic about the low-fi way you wore these- a little gritty and girly at the same time. And then all your hair sort of floating around you makes everything seem earthy, too. It’s so tricky, getting all these influences/aesthetics right, but you rocked it. Who’s surprised? Not me, that’s who. Or that’s who’s…not? :)

  17. found you from the lovely Merl and now I’m instantly hooked just from this adorable suspender-wonderfulness! I was just looking in our closet the other day and noticed a cute pair of my honey’s suspenders and thought I should borrow them from him – thanks for giving me the necessary push to just do it already!!

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