zombies and chai

hi thursday.
…and hello friends!

i hope you’re all having a lovely week.  i’m sure several of you are enjoying a day off, in celebration/remembrance of our veterans…

i don’t have much to say today…i’m kinda in la-la land, daydreaming, staring out the window a lot.  everything just looks so vibrant and colorful…the trees, the leaves, the blue blue sky.  i want to be outside, wrapped in a scarf, cozy in my boots, sipping a steaming cup of chai!

but instead i’m at work.  meh.

i snapped these photos yesterday afternoon, as the sun was setting.
how freaking cool do the clouds look?!  i didn’t even edit them.  that was the exact color of the sky.  kinda creepy, eh?

speaking of creepy, i’ve been watching a lot of zombie/end of the world type movies lately (shaun of the dead, the walking dead on a&e, the happening, the crazies, etc)…i’m obsessed.  it puts me on the defensive though.  i’m always thinking of how i would escape.  if i’d be one of the few who’d get away and be able to find the other survivors.  know what i mean?  i’ve literally looked around my house and contemplated how i’d cover the windows, if we could survive off of bouillon cubes and grape nuts, if i’d be brave enough to smash a zombie in the head with a…i don’t know…i was gonna say pitchfork, but i don’t have one.  shit.  i’ll have to make a home depot run this weekend.  anyway, not to sound so macabre, but i do think about this stuff…it could happen…?  diseases that knock out an entire city…aliens that have been watching us for years suddenly drop out of the sky and wipe out the human race…a neighbor who got bit by something on a hike and now he’s a raging lunatic who wants to eat my brains for dinner…i mean, yeah.  forget planning for an earthquake or a tornado!  zombies and airborne disease is where it’s at.

so for a second last night, when the sky turned red, i looked around, slowly, like a paranoid freak, heard a twig snap behind me, and then i thought to myself…these boots would be great for kicking zombie/alien/crazy neighbor ass. 

(turns out the twig snapping was MP.)

ha!  maybe i’m the crazy one.  i just went from….la la la, the leaves are so pretty, where’s my chai?  to…pitchfork buying and flesh eating zombies. 

yep, that’s pretty much how my brain works.

and on that note…

enjoy your day.  plan an escape route.

xo, paige

chambray blouse – mossimo/target
necklaces – thrifted/gifts
lace belt – vintage, thrifted table runner (seriously)
skirt – q’s daydream vintage on etsy
vintage 9west (alien ass kicking) cowboy boots – thrifted
vintage purse – thrifted


18 thoughts on “zombies and chai

  1. it’s so funny that you fantasize about how you’d get away from the zombies/aliens and fight back and when i watch those movies i am most certain that i’d be one of casualties. yep, i would easily die in such a situation. i’m a bit of a wimp.
    however, i am loving your skirt. such a gorgeous color!

  2. First, I adore everything about this outfit especially the belt and boots.
    Second, I’ve never gotten into the whole zombie thing, but even the mention of aliens get me freaked. Zombies, ghosts, those can’t be real, but aliens! Great, now I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  3. I appreciate that your brain works that way because I am the same way. “Oh no, zombies are going to eat my brain! Look, a puppy, cute!”

    Ross decided to watch the first episode of the walking dead. I decided to sit in, even though I HATE BEING SCARED. I didn’t sleep for 4 days after watching paranormal activity. Literally. Well, we watched it and I proceeded not to sleep that night. Sigh. No more zombies for me. You can have them.

    But yes, I would smack a zombie in the head with a well-healed boot.


  4. You’re hilarious.
    Lately though, when I’m on the bus (which is 50% of my life) and someone is coughing a lot… I think oh my god what if they have some CRAZY disease and this is a scene right out of the movies where everyone ignores the gross coughing person but they have this crazy contageous disease. Anyway, I always think Should i get off the bus/metro just in case rather than take the chance of getting this flesh eating disease that this guy has (in my imagination).
    I have not thought about escaping zombies… (maybe ill start, never hurts to have a plan!)
    I can’t wait till we hang out.
    So I can borrow all your shoes… oh wait did I say that outloud? you do know we have the same-ish size right? I think Christina told me you are a 6.5? or 6? Yes I’m a stalker.

  5. Ugh! Will you please take over these conversations with my man? He loooves to talk about his “zombie escape plan.” It involves attaching things to the front of his car and an enormous stockpile of water. Zombies are my number one fear (totally realistic, I know) so they freak me out!

    Sarah Yvonne

  6. I used to figure out where I would hide if the world ended when I was a kid.
    There was a secret attic space in the house I grew up in that would have been my spot.
    I think about it too…diseases, contamination, etc.
    Getting my daughter to eat the bouillon cubes and grape nuts with no Count Chocula to be had….
    These are the thoughts that give me stomach aches and keep me up at night.

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  8. Haha, so funny, we have been into Zombie movies/shows lately too. We watched Zombieland for Halloween (twice), The Walking Dead, and Black Sheep, not the Chris Farley one, if you havnt seen it – Zombie sheep… Zombie movies are wacky but this one takes it to a whole new level!
    Lovely fall-ish outfit BTW.

  9. I love the changing weather/changing outfits/need for chai. finally fall.
    ps, hilarious about the zombies. I had the same problem with blood and gore TV shows.. you know the ‘criminal minds’ types. I had to stop watching them. Only feel good tv for me.

  10. Hahaha this cracked me up! I am loving chai this time of year. I steep mine is hot apple cider – chaider, so yummy! As for the outfit, I adore how you can pull off this skirt length. So chic.

  11. gurl. i know i said it last time you wore it, but this skirt is the shit. freaking LOVE that color!!! dude, i always worry about this kind of stuff! i’d like to think of myself as one of the swift and crafty, able to pull myself out of dire conditions. but who knows!

  12. When I was younger my dad would watch a lot shows like unsolved mysteries & cops. Unsolved mysteries did a number on me because I was always sure I was safe because my room was on the second floor but one episodes this guy put a ladder up to this young girls window & beat her until he thought she was dead. This episode stuck with me. It really started to get to me when I was a little bit older. I would lay awake at night making escape plans, hiding spots, everything. Luckily I’ve gotten over this paranoia in my life. But scary movies can still put me on edge.

  13. you are just too cute. I love your blog. Zombies and freaky movies have been playing a lot in our house too. Jennifer’s body is surprisingly hilarious and great. I want your skirt Paige. Miss you.

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