the bees knees

friends!  meet MP.  he says hello.
[in case you’re new to my blog, here’s our story.]

aaaand…it’s friday!  woot.

however, it’s supposed to be in the 80s until wednesday…bah!  not a fan. 

anyway.  i gotta run, but have a fantastic weekend!

oh, wait!  tonight is date night – dinner and a movie.  any movie suggestions??

xo, paige

scarf – target
vintage blouse – thrifted
calvin klein sweater vest – thrifted
belt – thrifted
trousers – nordstrom
shoes – target


34 thoughts on “the bees knees

  1. You two are all kinds of cute! Every time I read your story I get all misty:D

    Have a spectacular date night(aren’t they the best?!)

  2. I LOVE the photo where he’s walking towards you.. that sly little super content ‘that’s my MAN’ smile you got going on? LOVE IT. So happy to see you so happy darling.

    ps.. go see RED its a-ma-zing. or Megamind, we just saw that last night n it was hilarious too. But RED has my ultimate vote.

  3. he IS the bees knees!!! you look crazy kinds of happy. and super cute in your burgundy wides. love it :) have a great date night. i never see movies so i can’t suggest. anyway, won’t you just make out through the whole thing anyway????

  4. Well geez Paige, are you staying in for a movie or going out for a movie??!!

    That makes a gigantic difference in which suggestion I would have for you.

    I can’t even think now, my mind is full of movies and all the ones its full of are bad movies.

    I’m sorry. I called you out, and then I can’t even back my own shit up.

    You look really pretty and I like you in burgundy.

    HI MP! Nice to see your face, sir. Take care of our little paigey waigey.


  5. well now isn’t this cute…

    i also like this outfit. it’s very three’s company, except that two appear to be company enough for you folks!

  6. soooooo….how was date night?!!! i am assuming you had the time of you life [cue dirty dancing two are majorly cute! you both have that giddy glow! and, can we just talk about how fabulous those trousers are?! seriously.
    looking forward to the conclusion….

  7. before i go on + on about how freaking cute the 2 of you are, i just want to tell you that i am seriously in love w/ your outfit. from head to toe. okay, now that i’m done with that….you 2 are so freaking cute! too cute. you might have to refrain from posting pics of the 2 of you again, as the cuteness is overwhelming.


  8. Cute boy AND a great outfit? It just don’t seem fair. Recently showed my own boy your blog. Think he fell a little bit in love. Who can blame him? :)

    I heart those pants. They’re so delightfully 70’s, but in a calm and comfy way.

  9. Oh god, this is adorable. You two, Oh man! And I love your outfit here P!! I have so much more to say, but mostly I am so excited that I have the privilege of seeing the two of you so magnificently together in person so often!! Since we are real life friends and all. :) tee heeheheehehe!! Glad you got some shots of him up here! What an adorable pair! Jeeze!

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