thanksgiving 2010

hello friends!
how was your thanksgiving?
mine was fantastic.

i spent thanksgiving morning on the couch, by the fire, watching the macy’s parade with my two boys.
seriously, you know you’re getting older when you choose a live telecast of marching bands, over-sized balloons, and the rockettes over a reality tv show marathon on bravo.  am i right?  i guess i shouldn’t speak for everyone, but it was a defining moment for me…in years past, i likened the parade to watching ice skating.  yeah…now do you get it?

what’s next?  maybe next year i’ll make the thanksgiving feast and everyone can come over to my house for dinner.

but probably not.

let’s pause from the thanksgiving talk for a moment and chat about this freaking rad cape/poncho/sweater i’m wearing…

i bought it from amanda [off of broadway] from her etsy shop – amandromeda.

amanda, i am thankful for your awesome vintage eye and your affordable prices.

wearing: pashmina – gift, vintage cape – amandromeda on etsy, striped tee – jcrew, jeans – local boutique, boots – thrifted

around 4, we headed over to a family friend’s house for turkey dinner.
don’t you just love the sights and sounds of thanksgiving?  …football on in the background, the clanking of wine glasses as everyone says “cheers” to a lovely day, the sugary aroma of sweet potatoes cooking in the oven, the turkey making its grand appearance, and most important…the laughter and smiles of familiar faces and loved ones.  ahhhh!  i love the holidays!

after stuffing our bellies with the yummiest food i’ve had in a long time…i kicked everyone’s ass in shuffle board, we watched more football, drank more wine, ate delicious pie, and unbuttoned our pants.

then we went home and crawled into bed.

it doesn’t get much better than that!

in case you missed it, i guest blogged for lisa over at archives on wednesday…
i’m donating $1 per comment (in food) to the local food bank.  we’re up to $22, so head on over and leave a comment!
(max donation of $50)

thank you!

time to wrap it up and head to work.  (yeah, work.  but only til noon.)  i’ve been up since 3 am!  MP and i went to the urban outfitters 1/2 off the sale, sale.  it was freaking bananas.  but i got some good shit at ridiculously low prices.  woot!

have a great weekend!

xo, paige


18 thoughts on “thanksgiving 2010

  1. oh man it looks so nice and cozy and warm there! i almost fell on my ass a few times on the way to work it was so cold and rainy and icy! poooooopy!!!
    glad you had a good thanksgiving :)

  2. you are freaking gorgeous in that poncho!!!! and i love the pics of you sitting on the wall in the sunset. and just so you know, i’m thankful for you and the way you wear my stuff :)
    so glad you had a happy thanksgiving.

  3. You do look seriously fantastic in that poncho! And I love the scarf layered on top of it too. Gorgeous!

    And seriously, you got up early to do Black Friday shopping on a day when you had to go to work?! You are insane. I wish I had that much drive and energy!

  4. prettttty sure I orgasmed over that cape when Amanada did the shop preview on her blog.. only to find it already sold when I quickly clicked over to her shop. You’re lucky it looks a-fucking-mazing on you otherwise I’d be angry. Seriously those last few photos with the sunset and the vista and the sunset and YOU?!?! it won’t make it weird come feb if I say you’re one of my girl crushes right? good.

  5. Thankgiving was lovely!! I stayed home with my husband and we made dinner together. Next year we are going to start hosting the holiday at our home so this was a great practice run.

    That sweater cape is soooooooooo amazing. perfect for the holiday!!

  6. Fannnnntastic cape! (I wrote fannnntastic because that is how Matt always says it…).
    I know my friends are getting old (not me…nossir) when I was the only one tipsy at a holiday party…boo.

  7. That cape is the raddest and the view from that house is the gorgeousest. I love the hills and the sunlight and how cozy you look in that outfit.

    Aren’t holidays the best?

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