i know i haven’t been around much.  work is busy this time of year and MP is still in town, so…i’ve just had other things to do.  not only that, but honestly…i’ve been going back and forth between “do i blog/don’t i blog” for weeks now. 

besides that, i’m in hibernation mode.  there are many reasons why i like this time of year, but i think i like it most because the cold air gives me an excuse to cozy up in my sweats, make a pot of tea, and curl up on the couch to watch movies.  seriously…i could sit on the couch all weekend.  and not feel bad about it.

this outfit was worn on sunday.  i got dressed long enough to decorate the house and set up the [fake] christmas tree.  MP made a huge pot of chilli and we enjoyed several mugs of spiked egg nog!  yum!

so the stockings are hung by the chimney with care and there’s a santa soap dispenser in the guest bathroom.  taylor even has his own [sparlky blue] mini tree in his room. 
*i tend to be anal about the placement of the ornaments on the “family” tree, as everything has to be “just so”.  therefore, taylor has his own tree.  otherwise, all the heavy ornaments would be in one spot.  ha!

well…i must get back to work.  tata for now!

wearing: sweater – [old] abercrombie, blouse – vintage/thrifted, scarf – UO, jeans – local boutique, shoes – aldo


11 thoughts on “hibernation

  1. oh pretty paige! i know, i only get dressed when i have to. when i get home in the afternoon i immediately put on leggings or pj pants. especially since it gets dark so early, i can’t help but want to wear my comfy clothes and cozy up on the couch. but my drink of choice is scotch. i’m a lush, it’s something you should know about me :)

  2. I think I had that same / very similar sweater in the late 90’s. Abercrombie hadn’t even come to a mall in NH where I grew up yet, so I would make my parents drag my sorry behind to Boston to shop there. Ah, the memories of my mother swearing off the inflated prices and loud music. I went in to a store recently and thought “Everything is so expensive! And why is the damn music so loud? Put on a shirt young man!”

    Uh oh, I’m old.

    Cute outfit :)


  3. I think it’s cute that he has his own tree. :)

    You look adorable, relaxed and put together.

    And I desperately hope you don’t stop blogging. I’d miss you!

  4. I could see myself doing that. My MO is to wait until everyone else has lost interest in tree decorating and then i rearrange the ornaments until i find them to be aesthetically pleasing. Works like a charm, much better then arguing with my family about why it looks dumb the way they want it.

    You sound happy, glad to hear it!

  5. I LOVE the cuffed jeans and scarf. Casual California cool at its best. And I FEEL YOU on the to blog or not to blog question. Sometimes, a casual restful weekend is crucial.

  6. Dude, you are the queen of looking good in sweaters. How’d you get that job? Because I want it! I always look all lumpy and winter’d out in sweaters. Could you please gives me a tutorial? Merci.

  7. I love this casual look! In our house, all the ornaments are on the top 1/3 of the tree. Cats! Should we give them their own tree?

  8. I panicked when I saw your headline! I titled a post the same thing tonight, because I needed to just curl up and take time out. But, now, I am mortified that you might think I’ve copied you. Take care.

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