this is one of those times when i’m not super confident about what i’m wearing…

i wore this to work yesterday, minus the boots and the cuffing of the pants.  in my head, it was flawless; however, i knew if i wore this, i’d subject myself to endless coworker comments and raised eyebrows.  i know, i know…who cares?!  well, i do.  i just wasn’t in the mood, as i was already doubting the creation.  so i played it safe.

however, when i got home, i rushed to my closet to try it out…to convince myself that i was on to something.  initially, i tried stuffing the pant in the boot…it looked stupid and the extra fabric made the boots too tight and uncomfortable.  so, i cuffed.  and i liked the end result. 

after a few flips of my hair and a dab of blush, i headed out to snap a few photos.

after reviewing the photos, i still wasn’t satisfied.  what’s missing?  i like it, but something in my gut caused me to hesitate.   

what do you think??  [be honest.  it won’t hurt my feelings.]

are the proportions off?  is the blazer too much?  is camel too light with the dark pants?  should the pants be looser?  the belt a bit skinnier?  am i trying too hard?

*truth – as much as i love fashion and clothing, i still consider myself a novice at times.  i don’t necessarily follow current trends, i don’t scour the internet for the hottest designers.  i don’t even buy fashion magazines to lust over the glossy pages.  i usually stick with what’s comfortable…sometimes throwing in an unexpected, interesting element.  ultimately, that’s why i follow style bloggers…to try new things, break out of my shell…you ladies are a huge source of inspiration for me.  so…let me know what you think!  and thank you! 

wearing: blazer, trousers – nordstrom / white tee – jcrew / obi – gift from this girl / necklace – urban outfitters / boots – madewell 


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  1. I think the boots/pants takes it just a tiny bit too far into costume-y land. Maybe the same pants worn down with some kind of sandal or flat?

    Otherwise I love it! That obi style belt is awesome. I was thinking about belts like that yesterday!

    • thanks, kim! i actually did wear flats to work. it was cute! i just get so bored with work clothes, that i find myself trying to get creative. maybe TOO creative.

      thanks again for the input!

  2. nope i love the cuffed pant! reminds me a bit of vintage riding pants (and boy do i want a pair!). maybe a darker belt would make you feel better? just to balance out the lighter shades of the blouse and blazer (which i love the color of, by the way). but i am totally diggin the cuffed pant.

  3. I love the obi belt… And I love the gaucho look for the pants. I would even say tucking them in the boot so you can see the full boot and the pants blouse out a bit, but i’m in love with jodpers. I’d say tuck the white shirt in. The pants and boots are cutting your leg length, so you want to elongate the pant as much as possible. The white cuts the leg at the hips which shortens the leg as well. I’d say that small step of tucking in will give an illusion of the pant continuing to where the belt and your waist is, which I think would be great with the short pants. And maybe try it with a leather belt, the outfit is totally styled like the Zara website!

    <3 Lauren

    And I know I never responded to the amazing comment you left on my body image rant. Thanks so much, love you :)

  4. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm am I crazy cuz i think this looks so cute. ive had an outfit ive been wanting to create witha belt over blazer that i need to try now that my challenge is over. I approve this outfit.

    p.s. did i tell you that i wore suspenders 2 days ago and i owe part of it to you for reigniting my suspenders love. theres some evidence on the blog ;)

  5. Okay, first: I’m really digging the cuffed pants w the boots. I think if it were higher or lower it’d be off, but you’ve cuffed the pants in exactly the right place/right height. It looks funky and cool. It’s definitely got a jodhpur/Indian feel to it. I also love the obi/belt and how the color of it plays w your hair and the necklace.

    The one thing I think could make the outfit better is the color of the blazer. I think it could be a bit darker…or lighter, for that matter. Maybe just something a little less in between. Or perhaps the obi could be a different color.

    Regardless, I love how fun and creative this outfit is. I think it makes sense to try to funk things up a bit. THe overall silhouette and style is kind of Asian meets equestrian. I hesistate to say “British officer in Colonial India” as that sets off all kinds of negative stereotypes and I don’t think we want to glorify that. But you know what I mean. :)

  6. Love the obi but maybe a belt matching the boots (Or leopard?) would work better with this. I would love to see the obi with a skirt or dress though, It sure is fun! And who is to say? My oppinion will not be liked by another, how you feel matters most.
    I often play it safe at work to avoid being called a “fashionista”… Stylish I will accept but I dont care for the persona I associate with “fashionista”. They mean well I am sure…

  7. I really like it especially the obi belt over the jacket for the perfect shot of color. I would have proabaly worn boots with a stacked heel but that’s because I have issues with being so short:D

    The more blogs I read the more I really on them rather than magazines for styling. I think I’m more in love with style than fashion and you my dear, have that in spades!

  8. I THINK what puts it off for me is that the sleeves are the same length as the blazer.
    But I’m just really picky about that.
    I love the colours, the texture, the shape, it’s wonderful.

  9. I think it’s good (not great). I think it would be improved by going with skinny jeans tucked into the boots. I don’t love the cuffed jeans over the boots. You could also do the cuffs a litle lower and wear some chunky platforms instead. However, I love the camel and red combo. Give it a take two with reader revisions? That could be a fun post!

  10. i think i’m going to agree with becca. i don’t have a lot of input on the outfit because i’m no good at that…i just wanted to tell you that i love that belt! and that your hair looks really good!

  11. i really like this! i think the cuffs might be a bit more defined if it was denim that was lighter on the inside than on the outside. in the last picture, i actually thought that you were wearing those pants that look like knickers (sorry, not good with pant styles since i never wear them). after i re-read and saw that they were cuffs, i realized they were regular trousers. also, it might be a cleaner line if the pants were a little more fitted.

    anywho, i think the outfit is super cute. there’s definitely nothing there that would warrant weird looks. the turquoise and red = perfect color combination, and with your gorgeous hair and skin you could wear a garbage bag and still look like a million bucks.

  12. I think the top part is spot-on. The colors and the proportions are so great! I like the pants/boots combo, too, though I wonder if it wouldn’t look better with slimmer pants and the same boots or the same pants and flats or heels. Something about the lower-half proportions are a teensy-bit piratey to me.

    Though, as Veronika said, you could wear a garbage bag and look phenomenal, so who am I to judge?

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  14. Okay, I couldn’t check the blogs for a few days and now, I have 500 posts to read! And something has happened here! There is some unsatisfaction, I didn’t read all the comments but I think, while wearing a classical cut, loose fitting trousers(I don’t know what you call these in English) dressing tighter on top may look better. I think we can say it proportion. Maybe wearing a tight top and adding the blazer -buttons open, so that we could see your real shape- would look better. I don’t know, I’ll check your new post now. :*

  15. Those boots are amazing! And you look so super cute! I think the cuff on the boot is a great look, though I’d say a skinny jean would make it more streamline. And to balance the blazer out you could wear a knotted scarf or blouse with a tie on the color. Just some thoughts on how to switch it up!


  16. I just saw Shall We Dance? The one with Jennifer Lopez, and there is a girl who is wearing the same cut pant but the cuff is a bit lower and with heeled knee boots and a pancho. Made me think of you!

  17. I love your outfit and that you are trying to spice things up. I am totally in love with your style and read your blog often.. I really should try to comment more.

    I think the thing that is throwing the outfit off a bit for me is the gathering in the sleeve of your blazer. It’s just not the proportion I would choose to have with the cuffed loose pant. But really this is a fabulous outfit. I really love everything about it

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