thank you!

yesterday’s post was quite a success!

thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and advice.
this weekend, i plan to play around with all the suggestions that were made and document the looks!
stay tuned…

[btw…i absolutely love the idea of “reader interactive” posts.
the wheels in this noggin of mine are turning…]

overall, most of you liked the outfit….from what i gather, it just needs to be streamlined a bit.  several of you feel that the pant should be a skinny jean, tucked into the boot and while i totally appreciate that…it just seemed too easy.  i wear skinny jeans and boots all the time.  so this time, i was going for something different.  i wanted the pant to have a baggy look, but i also wanted to incorporate the boots.  originally, the idea was to tuck the pant into the boot and kinda “fluff” it over the boot a bit…know what i mean?  i tried that first, but it looked weird.

one thing is for sure…all of you freaking LOVE that red obi.  one or two of you were curious to see how else i’ve worn it…

ask and you shall receive!

[happy friday…have a nice weekend!]


9 thoughts on “thank you!

  1. I effing LOVE that striped dress. When it was in your shop I wanted to buy it but ya know… i couldn’t.

    I did a similar look this morning scurrying out of my boyfriend’s house to go back to my house to get ready for work. I wore his pj pants, tucked into my boots, a blank tank top, and this big leopard print cape/blanket thing that is AWESOME. I didn’t look in the mirror but I’m sure it DIDN’T work at all.

  2. i loved the outfit yesterday – but you should feel comfortable, confident and beautiful! if the outfit didnt do that for you, then i say scrap it.

    i super super super heart your obi belt. and i LOVE how you wore it over the blazer!

  3. I love the fact that you admit that you’re not a fashion genius. Sometimes, I feel like I am not at all prepared enough to do any sort of blogging because I see some blogs and just salivate at all their finds. With working and everything I’m lucky to be dressed and have some minutes to jot something down.

    I liked the look, but love the way you used the red in these outfits.

    I think you’re doing phenomenally.

  4. I respectfully disagree w all the skinny jeans suggestions. Don’t do it! (It’s clear that you won’t, but I’m just backing you up.) The cuffed pant was my favorite part of the look. Loved it. L-O-V-E.

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