barefoot & vintage is a year old, today!

to celebrate, i thought i’d share some outtakes.


i mean…really?  those poses!  ha!

i was planning to add captions to each picture, but words cannot fully express the ridiculousness of most of these photos.

giggles aside, the past year has been interesting…i started an etsy shop, had a good run of it, got overwhelmed, then closed it.  [in the beginning] was let down by a couple of my fave bloggers, then managed to find a handful of lovely, genuine ladies.  i’ve made new friends and met some interesting people.  i’ve learned a lot about who i am, who i don’t want to be.  i’ve hated blogging, i’ve loved it.  wanted to quit, then couldn’t imagine my life without it…etc etc etc…quite a roller coaster ride, wouldn’t you say?

when i started this blog, it was with the intention to get the word out about barefoot & vintage on etsy; however, it’s evolved into a place where i share my thoughts, my life, and my…style?  whatever it is i say and do here, i’m glad you’ve stuck around.

and if you’re just joining me…welcome!  i hope my words and quips about life keep you coming back for more. 

oh!  i’m adding a new feature to my posts called a year ago, today.  check it out…

a year ago todaytesting, testing 
[was that really necessary?] 

ps. i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i have a new header and “theme”.  this theme allows for larger photos, but i think it’s throwing off the margins/sidebars.  let me know if it looks horrible.  thanks!


29 thoughts on “blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogiversary!!

    What I love about the outtakes is the ones where you’re trying to look sexy but end up looking ridiculous. I like you anyway.
    It’s been quite the ride Paige. Happy year little baby blog.

  2. yay!!! a year?! that’s so awesome. those are some rad poses. i’m so lame and never even keep my outtakes. less incriminating, you see. but i’m so glad that i’ve met you. if it wasn’t for your blog, we’d never be friends! and then what would the world be like? i shudder to even think.

  3. Paige you’re so adorable sweetie!!! I love your outtakes! I’m always too shy to post outtakes – but then my actual posts are so awkward looking I probably don’t need any extra awkwardness. ANyway, happy blog birthday!

  4. YAY! happy one year, barefoot and vintage! im so glad youre sticking it out post-shop life. i started my blog as shop-related only…and its changed so much! im very glad we’re blog friends :D

    oh – HILARIOUS outtakes!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love what you have to say about some of your favorite bloggers letting you down and others being a great support. You have been a loyal commenter on our blog and it has been so fun to feel like there is a fellow blogger that appreciates our new project, not just mom and dad :). I hope to be one of those friendly, supportive bloggers you spoke of to others that may need encouragement as they start out and as you have been to Orange Juice etc. Thank you!

  6. Congrats!
    I think my two favorite outtakes are “Falling off Tiny Chair” and “Bandit”. The backwards shot is creepy; it kind of looks like you are standing forward, but you head is turned backwards exorcist style! :)

    • omg, melanie! MP and i were cracking up to tears last night over “falling off tiny chair”. and i LOVE that you named it that. i had to walk away from my desk and into the kitchen to go LOL. thanks for the laugh. :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad that you’re sticking around post shop. I’m thrilled that I scoured some awesome vintage from you. I’m also inspired by your style and your spirit. I’m hoping that if I ever make it to your neck of the woods we could hang out:)

  8. Happy anniversary!

    My blog hasn’t got a birthday – when I started blogging I backdated some posts and for the life of me I can’t recall when I really started. I think I’ll have to celebrate post counts instead :D

    You know a number of those outtakes look like what would be finals elsewhere!

  9. Happy Anniversary!! I must say ‘casually plant watering’ and ‘sexy lounging in the bathtub’ are my faves :) These are too hilarious, and you look so cute, so glad you shared! Here’s to another great year for you.. cheers! xo

  10. K my favorites:
    falling off baby chair
    disco moves (especially the face)
    first picture… aka oooooooooooooooooooh

    I love the sultry one with the leg showing… that’s how you hitch hike you know!

  11. Oh man, I’ve just had the best giggle ever. I love this post! It’s funny how it has only made me think you’re more graceful, not less. I think it’s one of those exception-rules cases.

    Happy blogiversary, lady. So glad you’re part of this weird world of ours. Your blog is one of my few “must reads”; the blogosphere would be much less exciting without you, fo shiz.

    And, to quote you in your most recent comment on my blog:

    you rock my world.
    that is all.

  12. Bahaha, these are amazing! I think my favorite is you on the little red chair! Haha! Okay, I will stop making fun of you now and say HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!

  13. Oh gosh! Evan was like “what are you laughing at over there?” I said “Paige! God I love her!” so happy to know you my dear. I think your new feature is genius too. You’re a freaking genius.

  14. Congrats on one year! I certainly enjoy seeing what you come up with. Mostly because you wear things I secretly want to wear, but am not brave enough or don’t have the figure for. Keem ’em coming!

  15. I’ve recently been slightly disappointed in the cattiness that has come out in one or two blogs, myself. But, it is ladies like you and posts like these that make me so super happy that I’ve started blogging!

  16. Happy blog birthday. Here’s to many more years of silly poses. I always enjoy your outfits, but even more, I enjoy your candor and willingness to share! And I’m so glad you came into my blogging life (awww, sappy!)

  17. Congratulations on making a year of it! I love some of these out-takes and the glimpses of your personality I get from them. The one in the bath tub and the one with the scarf worn bandit style would be my favorites. And, please, keep blogging!

  18. Um… so I scrolled through 3 times to pick my fav pics… love the noncholant (just checked the spelling of that) flower watering, the bath shot and the tipsy chair. Collage it and send it as a postcard to me???
    Congrats on one year!!!!!!

  19. Haha! Congrats on the 1 year and may there be many more! I think we can all say the same about emotional rollercoaster-ness of blogging, but we love it!

  20. YAYAY! I know I’m late to the birthday party, but I’m actually singing to you right now… Can you hear it? Yep it’s that awful screeching noise.

    Love these pics, love you!

    <3 Lauren

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