reader remix, vol 1.

as you may recall, last week i put together an outfit that i was a little unsure of
lucky for me, i’m surrounded by so many incredibly stylish ladies and was able to ask for your thoughts and advice.
over the past weekend, i played around with the suggestions and took some photos…enjoy!

original look…

remix #1
lauren of sparrow & urchin said…
“I would even say tucking them in the boot so you can see the full boot and the pants blouse out a bit, but i’m in love with jodpers. I’d say tuck the white shirt in. The pants and boots are cutting your leg length, so you want to elongate the pant as much as possible.”
she also suggested that i wear a leather belt instead of the obi.
thanks lauren!

remix #2
emily of sartoriography said…
“The one thing I think could make the outfit better is the color of the blazer. I think it could be a bit darker…or lighter, for that matter.”
[i went darker.]  thanks emily!

remix #3
theresa of orange juice, etc said…
“Love the obi but maybe a belt matching the boots (Or leopard?) would work better with this.”
i was intrigued with the leopard suggestion; however, since i don’t have a leopard print belt, i went with a scarf instead.
thanks theresa!

remix #4
kathryn of thrifty schoolmarm said…
“I personally think tucking the top and maybe changing from a white t to a more colorful t would play well with the blazer.”
i switched to a navy blouse with a lovely floral print.  unfortunately, the blazer hides the print.  thanks for the suggestion kathryn!

remix #5
becca of free honey said…
“I don’t love the cuffed jeans over the boots. You could also do the cuffs a little lower and wear some chunky platforms instead.”
thanks becca!  these are the chunkiest platform-type shoes i have.  i lowered the cuff on the pant and ditched the boots.  it defeats the purpose of the original idea, but it’s cute!

remix #6
for those of you who suggested skinny jeans or a slimmer fitting pant…
[veronika of tick tock vintage, clare of between laundry days, becca of free honey, rach of ordinarily urbane]
i do like this look, but it’s not work appropriate.  and that was part of the original idea for this look.

remix #7
seval of sw vesaire said…
“Maybe wearing a tight top and adding the blazer -buttons open, so that we could see your real shape- would look better.”
thanks seval.  this does make my legs look longer…

remix #8
rach of ordinarily urbane said…
“…to balance the blazer out you could wear a knotted scarf or blouse with a tie on the collar.”
i totally changed the original concept with this last look.  definitely not work appropriate, but so cute for happy hour or a dinner date.  thanks rach!

you guys [girls], this remix was so fun!
as you can see, the “updates” are very subtle.  in fact i, quite literally, only changed what was suggested.  i didn’t want to stray from the original look too much.

my picks:
remix #3, #6, and #7

what i learned:
*although i like the cuff, a more form-fitting pant would probably look better.  after reviewing the photos, i feel like my lower half looks a little…frumpy and dumpy.
*tucking the white shirt in definitely elongated my legs.  which is important when cuffing any pant or wearing high boots.  plus, the placement of white can be tricky…unlike black and it’s slimming effects, white can give the illusion of being wider or bigger than one really is.  (especially on the lower half of the body.)
*next time, i may swap the necklace for a scarf.  i think it’ll balance out the look.

doing this “remix” made me realize that there really are so many options within a wardrobe.  the smallest changes can totally update or change a look.
in fact, after playing around all afternoon, remix #8 led to the “date night” outfit.

the only thing that’s against me is time.  i wish i had an extra hour or two every day to play dress up…it would probably lead to some very interesting creations!

thanks again, ladies…your input was great and very helpful!

what is your favorite look?


11 thoughts on “reader remix, vol 1.

  1. k, this was a super fun experiment! love all the suggestions and that even subtle changes can make a look so very different. you should do this more often!!

  2. the look with the skinnies wins in my book! but i understand, they’re not always work appropriate. when i wear them in the office, i make sure my bum is covered! :)

  3. Thank you for doing this! So fun to actually SEE everyones suggestions rather than just imagining them. I love it. And I think the leopard scarf works beautifully, maybe even beter than a belt.

  4. I love the idea of this post. I don’t think I made any suggestions because I was so bent on trying my obi with my blazer, a look I plan to feature on my blog in January!

  5. Hey, Paige! I’m sure you worked a lot for this post! You’re great! I really liked the #7 :D Really it looks just as I thought :) I did like the first and the third one though, a matchy belt catches my eyes! Oh and yes, with boots, skinnies look better really, too bad they’re not always good for the day… Kisses!

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