a year ago, today…

actually…it was a year ago, yesterday[i forgot.]

that is all.

enjoy your thursday!

a year ago, i had a different boyfriend.  i feel like i’m cheating on MP by posting something about another man.  eek!  you are kinda like, my real life friends, seeing me through one relationship after another.  ha!  hopefully MP is the last.  
anyway, i own that blue modcloth coat…isn’t it fabulous?  the only bummer is that it doesn’t have pockets.  strange, huh?  a coat without pockets is like…i don’t know…weird.  [sorry, brain isn’t working yet this am.  witty analogies are escaping me.]


3 thoughts on “a year ago, today…

  1. funny, my winter coat has no pockets, either! its SOOOO warm and perfect otherwise, but – who makes a winter coat with no pockets?!?!?!?! wtf!

    i dont think its “cheating” at all. you can reflect on how much has changed and how you’ve grown since then! :)

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