la fin

 just a few random thoughts, link sharing, and some festive holiday photos from around the house…

happy friday!

thought i’d share some links…

*my dream home:  the pyramid atop seattle’s smith tower
*awesome:  the man repellent’s guide to streetstyle layering
*wanting:  woven aztec patterned snood
*a bff’s hobby:  everybutton on etsy [great gift ideas!]
*giveaway:  this girl is offering $100 credit to!  go enter! [thanks kate!]

this week flew by, don’t you think?
MP left and i miss him like crazy; however, i have the bed to myself and i get to watch shows like jerseylicious and real housewives of atlanta, minus numerous eye rolls from MP.  not only that, but i can fart with reckless abandon…whenever i want to.  [we’re not quite there yet people, so i held it in while he was here.]
downside – there’s no one to bring me a perfect cup of coffee every morning, i don’t have another [smarter] brain to help taylor with his math homework, and i don’t have a warm body to tuck my cold feet under when i get into bed.

conversation with my son this am:
taylor:  did you know that you can pop a tire if you run over a crow?
me:  really?  how do you figure?
taylor:  because of his beak.  it’s sharp.
me:  hmmm…i suppose that could happen.
taylor:  it’s karma.
me:  what?  how is it karma?
taylor:  animal karma.  you run over the animal, you get a flat tire.

love that kid.

speaking of that kid…every year, my stepmom buys him a lego advent calendar.  needless to say, for the entire month of december i find lego pieces all over the house…

[lego snowman…in case you couldn’t tell]

next week, we’re headed to IL for my cousin’s wedding [i’m in it!] so i’ve been busy making lists and preparing…packing, last minute errands, etc.

so glad it’s friday…i’m looking forward to a busy, but fun weekend!

tata for now…


a year ago today – here’s the plan, stan


10 thoughts on “la fin

  1. Yes, why does the snowman have a penis sticking out of his face..

    And I cannot believe you held in your farts all weekend… That’s just cruel to do to your bowels. Paige, someone has to make the first move on this… Someone has to fart in front of the person. Just do it… <3

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout out, lady! And I love the fact that you say you’re not there yet in terms of farting in front of your fella, but you’ll talk about it on your blog. Bahahaha! Amazing.

  3. you know, it isn’t the worst idea to always keep your flatulence out of your relationship! my boy and i made a policy at the beginning of our affair to keep all “bathroom” activities as private as possible, and i think it has been a GREAT policy. stay sexy!

    your decorations, blurry as they may be, look very understated and cute.

  4. Hee! Seeing those Lego men sort of makes me want a child, just so I can yell, “Dang it, _____, pick up your toys!” in a not really angry angry voice.

    Your child is particularly awesome w his talk of karma. Maybe he should be a religious studies nerd like me. If you want to apprentice him (and his legos!) you just send him on over. I have a lovely sun room w a futon. :)

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