assuming that you’ve noticed, i’ve been MIA.
in-person connections are what i’ve been craving as of late.
plus, i’m going home!  yes, that’s right…we leave for IL tomorrow.
my cousin is getting married and his fiance asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.  i am so freaking excited to spend the next several days connecting…in real life!  as opposed to via my wireless connection….

family, laughs, drinking, music, dancing, getting all gussied up with the wedding party, putting on a pretty dress, snapping photos, hugs, yummy food and desserts, toasts/tears, slow dancing with MP (yes, he’s headed back too!), the electric slide with my younger cousins, seeing taylor in a suit (complete with vest and bow tie!), hugging my mom and taking in that “mom smell” (is that weird?  my mom has a mom smell), playing in the snow, meeting up with my bff from high school (who happens to be visiting from australia!)…home.


while i am away, i have 4 lovely ladies to entertain you…

emily of tomorrow never knows
veronika of tick tock vintage
lisa of archives chicago
morgan of morgan and lua

stop on by, as they will be sharing their favorite christmas/holiday memories (or recipes or funny stories or whatever!)

not sure when i’ll get back to regular posting…

so until then…happy holidays, friends!


a year ago, this week quick recap
(a recap of last year’s trip to NYC)


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