Guest blogging – Representin’ Canadian Christmas

Good morning dear friends of Paige! My name is Emily and I am your substitute blogger for the day. I blog over at Tomorrow Never Knows and I have a small etsy shop where I sell vintage clothing and accessories. When Paige and I found each other, we shared a love of vintage, getting dressed, sharing with complete strangers over the web and the enjoyment of coworker comments on our outfits. She is a delightful lady that I cannot wait to meet (unfortunately we live in different countries and she’s on the opposite coast – minor details).

I thought my work Christmas party pictures would be appropriate as Paige asked us to blog about something to do with the holidays. Christmas has changed a lot since I was a kid (I no longer have a bedtime – WOO) but its still the same in essence. Here are a few things that make my Christmas special:

Too many presents and not enough floor | Last minute present shopping at the gas station | Fighting over who sleeps in a bed and who sleeps on the floor | Staying up talking way too late & getting up way too early (7am) | Playing holiday music REALLY loud to wake up those who are still sleeping | Instant pancake mix & real maple syrup (we’re Canadian – we don’t mess around with maple syrup) | Spending over 36 hours in PJs | Too much food | My crazy family and all the sarcasm that oozes out of us.

What makes your Christmas special?

Now let’s talk about this outfit. I bought this dress last year planning on wearing it to last year’s party but it ended up being delivered a few days after the party. Bad news for 2009, good news for 2010!  I meant to do things like put nail polish on but then I got home and had 30 minutes to get ready after work so this is what happened. Not too bad, eh? That’s just what happens when you chop off all your hair.


10 thoughts on “Guest blogging – Representin’ Canadian Christmas

  1. meow, kitty…meow. i love anything peplum. this dress looks fantastic on you! thanks so much for giving us a peek into your christmas…you seriously had me lol’ing with “last minute present shopping at the gas station”…totally something i’d probably do. ;) (that’s why we’re such good buddies, i presume. well, one of the many reasons…)

    anywho, thanks again for guest blogging!

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  3. “That’s just what happens when you chop off all your hair.” seriously. thank you for letting me live vicariously through that experience. I’m surprised that dress could handle the sass mcfrass herself.. I guess that’s where the open back comes into play eh? [that’s right.. eh. I’m getting all canadian up in hurr] thank you for the sweet email. It’s been a rough few weeks/month/fall/year.. and all I want to do is sleep until Feb. but I cant.. ladg;akdng.

    love your guts.

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  5. Gas stations have all kinds of gift certificates these days… I don’t mind gas station presents. Diet Coke and chocolate bars come from gas stations too… I like those too.
    Love the peplum dress! Party perfect!

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