christmas crafting wonderland.

hi there! i’m veronika from tick tock vintage. when paige emailed me about guest blogging, i jumped at the chance. i adore her fabulous style and hilarious posts. she gave the theme of “holiday related”, and i immediately thought of the crafting insanity that takes over our house during the month of december. when i first moved into my home, i found it very difficult to decorate for christmas; i didn’t like the decor that i found at target or other mass retailers, and what i did like was way out of my price range. this meant that i’d have to find a way to DIY the decorations for my house, which was a-okay with me! not only would i save lots of moola, but i’d be sure to get exactly what i wanted.
one of my favorite christmas projects is wreath-making. this year, i bought a pre-made live wreath from a garden center. i dug through a box of vintage christmas ornaments and picked out all of the shiny balls and wired them with floral wire. i also scrounged up some pinecones; i used craft glue and superfine gold glitter to add some sparkly detail to the edges of the ‘cones. i then arranged all of the pieces on the wreath and secured everything down. very easy, and it looks great on your front door!
one of my biggest projects this year was our stockings. i knew i wanted to use a variety of cream, tan, and silver fabric and trim. i headed over to jomar (one of the best kept secrets for cheap fabric!) and bought an assortment of different fabrics: brocade, linen, chenille, and a very thick cotton. i also went  little crazy in the trim department and bought a plethora of silver and ivory trims. i wanted the stockings to be on the large size, so i drafted a pattern that would make them about a foot and a half long. i used this same pattern for all of the stockings. for stocking #1, i simply attached the trim horizontally, then sewed both sides of the stocking together. the dangly silver trim was sewn inside of the cuff, and then turned right-side out. i then attached the whole cuff to the stocking and added the straps. for stocking #2, i simply added a rope trim in between the two halves of the stocking. the cuff has jute trim and pompoms. for stocking #3, i cut out the shape of a christmas tree and simply appliqued it on the brocade. i then attached the fringe between the layers and sewed everything together. the cuff was attached last.
i DIY-ed christmas cards for the first time this year, too. i used a gocco, which is a japanese screenprinting system. i first drew the text and mittens on paper and traced everything in sharpie. i scanned the image onto my computer and cleaned it up in photoshop and adjusted the size. in order for the image to be burned on to the gocco screen, it has to be carbon based. to do this,  just make a copy on copy machine! then i could burn the screen and start printing. the “happy holidays” ink has a slight sheen to it, which i tried to match with the gold lettering on the envelope.

i hope you enjoyed the crafts! i’ll be posting a detailed picture tutorial for the stockings on my blog sometime next week. happy holidays!


5 thoughts on “christmas crafting wonderland.

  1. your decorations are so wintry and beautiful. and way to go on the cards! i need to look into this grocco stuff. i’ve been wanting some handmade cards in my shop so maybe i should just do it myself. what a novel idea, actually make something to sell in my own store! you are inspiring me.

  2. I love your wreath! You make the bedazzling of a plain wreath sound SO easy, which I like because yours looks GREAT.

    The stockings are so pretty and classy too (for stockings, you know). I think the off-whites color scheme works really well, plus would provide such a nice contrast to all the red and green.

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