dear diary…

hi!  remember me?  it’s been awhile.
let’s recap…

-went to IL for my cousin’s wedding (photos to come).
-lived through 2 days of non-stop action.  then BAM!  i got really sick and spent the rest of my visit home (at the hotel)…in bed.
-once back in california, i spent the remaining time off from work…in bed or on the couch.  with horrible congestion and a cough. no fun.
-christmas didn’t even feel like christmas this year.  mainly because i was sick, but also because MP was still in IL, visiting his family.  don’t get me wrong.  it was nice…it was just quiet.

-i rang in the new year with my dad, stepmom, taylor, and some close family friends.  the weekend was full of great food, football, and bravo marathons.  the only thing missing…MP.  he was still in IL with his family.
-work work work, blah blah blah…
-a week later (the 7th), MP finally came “home”.  which is officially his home now, too!
-we fell into a nice routine, we rescued a dog, aaaaaaaaand….

he asked me to marry him!
i’m engaged!

some of you already know this because you follow me on twitter. 
and also, because i blabbed about it on facebook.  

yeah, so…i guess i haven’t been blogging because i’ve had some pretty exciting things going on.  my life is changing.  i’m settling in, “nesting”, soaking it all up.  ya dig?

and quite frankly…
although blogging has been a very positive experience for me (for the most part), i did in fact get caught up in the “politics” of it…
i started to feel inadequate.  so naturally, i began to shut down.  i didn’t know what to talk about, i started focusing on the numbers, the comments, my photos felt lackluster, and taking pictures of myself started to feel…really stupid.  (nature of the beast, i suppose?)  so i threw in the towel.  raised the white flag.  and focused on other things.

but that’s just me.  i’m not at all downplaying blogging and what it means to a lot of people.  i’m still inspired by you ladies every single day…by your words, your funny stories, your lovely photos, following your travels, hearing your thoughts about life, love, family, and fashion…

i just needed a break.  and maybe i’m still on that break…we’ll see. 

 ps.  i really wanted to post some photos from my iphone; however, when i send them to my email and save them to my iphoto library, the quality is horrible!  does anyone know how to remedy this?  i haven’t been using the point and shoot, as the iphone’s quality is so much better! (sad, i know.)


a year ago today…
redheads CAN wear red.
…which is funny because my hair wasn’t even “red” in these photos.



27 thoughts on “dear diary…

  1. okay, here’s my list for you:

    -wait, you’re on twitter? what’s your name? and facebook? why didn’t i know?!
    -i use my iphone for all of my pictures. the quality is “eh.” i’m going to start borrowing my dad’s camera if i can. otherwise, i just deal with it.
    -i’m glad you posted again. and i understand your need to take a break…but i miss your pictures!

  2. This is all such wonderful news Paige!
    I wish you, MP and Taylor all the happiness this world has to offer.
    As for the blogging, please don’t go away again, because I can only speak for myself, but I have been missing your photos, writing and overall presence here.
    So stick around, ok?

  3. woah!! congrats!! i’m glad to know that your life is still going amazing! i’ve missed you, but i feel better knowing that your time was well spent! congrats, again!!!!!

  4. Oh mah goodness congratulations Mrs. to be!!! I’m so freakin excited for you!! And how did I miss this on Twitter? You’re on my “list,” literally the only one I check. Anyways I’m so happy for the update and even more happy to hear about the wonderful things in your life. Enjoy all the IRL wonders! :) xo

  5. K I already congratulated you via twitter (right?) and all that jazz but yay still! can we get a stripper in Tahoe to celebrate? muahahhahaa. don’t let MP read THAT ;)
    i love seeing you blog. it makes me happy. thank god for twitter tho or id miss ya to death. (especially since i deleted fb) I CANNOT wait for February 24th. YES MA’AM!
    Ok shall i blab more or leave now with my dignity intact?
    oh andddd you can be part of the crazy DOG lady club with me and morgan and Zoe ;)

  6. AND i just remembered u will hate that I wrote “anddddd” and not “aaaaaaaaand” so pretend that I wrote the latter :P
    [I seriously don’t even plan these double comments… i just seem to always linger too long haha]

  7. I already said congrats but there is no such thing as too much of it so… congrats again lovey!
    And all those bloggy feelings, I fight against them every day… Sometimes they win and I am telling Matt that nooo onnnneee liiiiikkkkkes meeee and other days I feel so good about where I am and decisions I have made. It is a tough thing for sure.
    Anywho…. xoxooxox

  8. When you sink your Iphone to your computer it should automatically transfer your photos to Iphoto. I like to take the Hipstamatic photos on mine:) Congrats on your engagement. Don’t get rid of your blog, it’s fun for me to see the day in the life of another “Paige.”

  9. oh emm gee – it’s you! congrats on getting engaged, such an exciting time, as cliche as that sounds.

    take the time you need lady! i miss all your lovely and creative outfits and funny words, but do whatcha gusta do!


  10. awww, paig-ey!!!! im SO freakin happy for you! you guys have such a great love story. and to think, this is only the beginning! :D

    its crazy to think that someone as loverly as you has blog shyness!!!! WTF! even when you havent been showing up in my blog feed, ive been coming ’round here JUST IN CASE you blogged and i missed it. you gotta do what’s right for you – but i love you, your photos, hearing about your life, etc. way more than other blogs with “perfect” pictures and what not. that stuff is boring.

  11. I’m so happy for you that MP proposed. I’d love to have your engagement story. I’m also so happy for me that you’re posting again – I missed you. Really. And I know it’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers game and to feel like a vain idiot for taking copious amounts of photos of yourself. But, I have to tell you – I’ve always admired you and your blog for the exact opposite reason. You don’t seem like a numbers gal – you don’t go around leaving “nice shoes” comments and you seem to have a lovely bunch of readers who you truly engage with. I have comment envy. Plus, you’re so honest and open on your blog – while I try to share things, it’s hard for me to open up to strangers. So, if it’s just about the numbers – fuck ’em – keep going. But if there’s other stuff too, no one can begrudge you for walking away from the blog to spend more time with your soon-to-be husband and adorable son.

  12. Congratulations! That’s so wonderful and exciting!
    Speaking for my selfish self, I hope you come back to blogging—even if only occasionally. I’ve always enjoyed your writing, your stories, and your style. Plus, I love blogs by other moms (single moms like myself especially, but I guess you won’t be that much longer!).
    Take care

  13. Congrats Paige!!! You already know how excited I am to hear about everything that’s been going on in your life, but I just wanted to re-state it againn!

    So happy for you two. Miss seeing your face. Call me soon!

  14. I’ll say it again: congrats!! So excited for you and MP and Taylor. How exciting, to build a new family!

    I can dig the stress of blogging. For me, the minute it starts to feel like an obligation or something that stresses me out, I’m over it. I love it for now, but I take breaks like mad. Glad you did the same.

  15. Congrats again Paige! It’s so wonderful to have been able to follow along with your life for the last year or so. If you do “come back” to blogging, I know that I for one will happily come back to reading. I wish you all the best and even if you do want to take a long looooong break, I’ll just stalk you from afar via twitter. But not in a creepy way…

    Once again, so happy for you and your family!!
    xo, Ashley

  16. Congratulations!!!

    I’m (quite selfishly) glad you’re back a least a little bit–I’m a devoted tho quiet follower and lurker. You’re fashion/musings blog is at the top of my vintage bookmarks!


  17. yay ! yay! yay! so very excited about what the future has in store for you! i can totally echo your feelings on the blogging front with the pressure and playing the numbers game. it does all seems silly at times and then on the slip side there are some major benefits…it’s a love/hate relationship!
    nonetheless, i was overjoyed to see your post and know that you are happy and well!

  18. CONGRATS! And man, I love you for this post. You take that break. Take it and don’t sweat it.


  19. Congrats Paige! I am so excited for you and you are going to be a beautiful bride! I definitely get what you mean about blogging, especially that it can be hard on you personally. You start to wonder all sorts of silly things – I know I do! Anyway, congrats, nice to see you back and hopefully see you in the future!


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