barefoot&vintage on etsy – reopens!

yes, you heard right…i’m reopening barefoot&vintage on etsy!

turns out i miss shopping, photographing, editing, measuring, posting, selling, making money, and mailing packages.  hmm…all the things i bitched about several months back.  (except, i didn’t bitch about shopping and making money.  that part is a-okay in my book.)

call me crazy.

this time though, i’m going about it in a very calm – this is only a hobby don’t let it run your life it’s not a 2nd job –  kinda way.
meaning…i will only post new items when i have time, i will not give myself any deadlines, i will only mail items once or twice a week (on specified days), and i will not shop for more vintage until i sell or re-donate the vintage that is hanging so lonely in my closet.
ps.  i’d like to take this time to say THANK YOU to kendi of kendi everyday.  if it weren’t for MP moving in and needing closet space and if it weren’t for kendi offering closet cleaning tips, (so MP would actually have space for his shirts and pants and things) i would not have filled 4 bags of clothes i don’t wear, reconnected with said lonely vintage clothing, and MP would still be living out of his suitcase.

bottom line:  good vintage clothing deserves a good home.  (and my fiance needs closet space.  i suppose.)

allow me to introduce the first 14 items that will be entering the shop…when i have time…probably by the end of this week…but don’t hold me to it…remember?…no pressure, no deadlines.

*item on the right is a pant/jump suit*


i will tweet about these items as i update the shop.
follow me on twitter at barefootnvintag!
if you’re interested in any of these items now, you may send me an email or leave a comment below.

back in biznass.





14 thoughts on “barefoot&vintage on etsy – reopens!

  1. I’m definitely intrigued by the third blouse on right in top row (ooh, those shoulders) and the lace dress at the bottom. I have no experience buying vintage on etsy (but definitely want to get into it!!), but would love to hear the sizing info. So excited for you that you’re finding a way to enjoy this with less stress :) WOOT WOOT.

  2. Welcome back, lady cakes! Happy to have you once again hawking your awesome wares. I hope it’s fulfilling and a bit easier this time around. You and your new life don’t need all that stress! :)

  3. You are a bit crazy, but in a fun way!!!
    Very happy that you miss shopping, photographing and listing items!
    But don` t stress it!


  4. The black top with the shoulder detail has my name all over it.
    And I have a conference I leave for on the 15th….details?
    I would love to be the belle of the ball….

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