fashion kismet

vintage dress/scarf – mo vintage on etsy, vintage necklace – dear golden vintage, boots – madewell

i could kiss merl kinzie for finding this lovely vintage dress and selling it in her shop.  and then kiss myself for snatching it up before anyone else did.
as much as i…the beauty you see above, hung in my closet for months…with the intention of being hemmed before wearing.
but last friday morning, i said “to hell with hemming it!” and i slipped it on.  then the boots, then the gorgeous vintage necklace from dear golden vintage.  (lauren, i don’t know you well enough to kiss you, so you’re in the clear.)
…it all came together so perfectly (lots of compliments at work) and i felt so…young ali macgraw.  can’t you see her wearing this?
it was fashion kismet. (did i just make that up?  fashion kismet? that’s a good blog name.)

turns out…pretending to be someone else, makes taking pictures of myself with a tripod in my side yard for all my neighbors to see and then posting the photos on the internet…okay.


btw…all the items i blogged about last week…are for sale in the shop!
go check it out – barefootandvintage on etsy.

ps…it’s MP’s bday, today!  taylor and i are treating him to a nice dinner this evening, followed by a stop at our favorite frozen yogurt place.
and pps…my bday is on sunday!
i heart feb.


19 thoughts on “fashion kismet

  1. Don’t hem it! That length is supposed to be HOT this spring!

    That dress looks so amazing on you. Perfect with the boots and everything! You look awesome!

    Hope you have a great time at dinner tonight! :)

  2. Amazing outfit post! It’s perfect, everything works together so beautifully. I love, love this outfit. I am going to stop typing now because I have to go jump up and down …xx veronika

  3. You look Sooooo perty! That dress is just perfect for you! And happy birthday Mark!! Enjoy your dinner with T and your hott woman! ;) and Paige, I’ll be wishing you a very special happy birthday! Soon! Eeeeeeep!!!

  4. Girl, you may be the only person I have ever seen rocking the headband without looking chronicles of riddick – instead you just look effortlessly fab. This dress is lovely and I’m glad you finally broke it out of the to-alter pile, I’ve let far too many gems languish there myself and this one is already a winner as-is. :)
    the other emily

  5. this is SO ali mcgraw. i don’t usually love camel-colored clothes but the accents on your boots and accessories are perfect with this. i really like it!

    This whole look is perfect. And don’t hem the dress, it looks hot the way it is.
    If you should ever decide to sell it… :)
    Who am I kidding, why would you ever do that!?

  7. I don’t know what happened to my comment last night.. firefox kept crashing on me and I got distracted taking care of little wheezy.. but happy belated birthday to MP! AND how fucking perfect is that dress on you??? I’m glad you didn’t hem it-the length is great on you. I wish I could wear a headband and not look like a weirdo.. will you and Zoe teach me????

    IM SO FREAKING EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry.. I’ll adjust my bear hug accordingly after getting your email ;) love you my sista from anotha mista xxxxxxo

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