a celebration

*MP drew himself a cake.  it says, “happy bday Meeairk” because my bff gave him a “french” name in hs.  mine was piage.  (pronounced me-airk and pee ahge).  MP does not like nicknames, but he  humored us on his bday.

*taylor loves to dip his bread in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  it looked like an elephant.  kicking a soccer ball.

*our photog (taylor), was not counting to 3 before taking our photo.  we weren’t prepared in this one.

*birthday boy with his chocolate cake.  make a wish!

*a message for the bday boy.

*lemon pound cake – my dessert…i always remember that dessert has two s’s instead of one, because you’d want two desserts.  that’s how my elementary school teacher taught us to remember the difference between desert and dessert.  cuz that was confusing as a wee one.  cute, huh?  not relevant at all.  just a little FYI in case you’re a horrible speller.

*my two cool dudes.

*lovin’ on my love.


a year ago, today…
how she wore it – shannon

i hope everyone is having a great week!

wedding planning posts may start soon…if you like that sort of thing.


12 thoughts on “a celebration

  1. These people of yours are just too cute. It makes me intensely jealous! Okay, not really. In fact, it makes me intensely happy for you and all your joy. And how cute is Taylor the photographer? That boy might have a career in store, eh?

  2. so excited to watch you plan your wedding. I really, really hope you do blog about it! I imagine your search for a vintage wedding dress will be a quite interesting…

    you are going to get married in vintage, while barefoot, right? k, good.

    xo, Ashley

  3. love you pulling out the “dessert is spelled with a double s because you always want more”… I teach third grade and just reminded my students of that rule this week (again). I always hear my elementary teacher’s voice in my head when I say it.

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