thirty wonderful

today, i celebrate my 31st.
and no, i don’t feel old.
i feel younger and happier than i’ve ever felt in all my 31 years on this earth.
this year is full of so many exciting things…i have so much to look forward to!  meeting new friends, weddings to attend, vacations to go on, close friends are having babies, I’M having a baby, we’re planning a wedding, etc…
ahhhhhh!  hooray for 2011!


recently, i went through some old photos from when i was a wee one and thought my bday would be the perfect time to share them with you.


(i was obviously born with an attitude.  look at my face in a few of these!  hilarious.)

so far, it’s been a great day to celebrate a bday!  the weather is amazing and my boys are taking good care of me.

hope you’re enjoying your day, as well!

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14 thoughts on “thirty wonderful

  1. I just wrote this on twitter but im gonna say it again, i like what you’ve done with the place. (and your signature… too cute)
    Are you excited for another birthday celebration in a week and a half? its getting so close, i keep having dreams about tahoe!!!! i don’t remember all of them but i know that i dreamed about it when i wake up.
    HAPPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday, i bet this is gonne be one for the record books!

  2. i hope when i see you in a couple weeks, my monster bear hug won’t damage the baby. because it’s gonna be epic. you are so cute!! i’m gonna join you in being thirty wonderful later this year. i hope to feel just as awesome when that day comes. and you’ve totally inspired me to scan some of my photos as a wee lass. that stuffs just so fun.
    have the best day ever today, k?

  3. Happy, happy birthday, sweet and lovely woman! I’m so glad they’re taking care of you for your birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating YOU!!!

  4. Oh Paige!!!! Those cake pictures are CLASSIC!! I love you so much girl! Cannot WAIT to see you! Happy birthday sweets! Thank you so much for the baby pics!!! The smurfette one is my absolute favorite!

  5. Oh yay! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day and the rest of this year – sounds like a good one.


    p.s. you were a super cute baby, love the “born to boogie” shirt!

  6. Wull happy birthday to you, too!!! your ‘right now’ is so lovely, happy, and inspirational. makes me excited for all things to come.
    enjoy every minute! and congrats on the little one…. eeeepp!!!!


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