cupid’s workin overtime.

 shop: lace tshirthanky panky/nordstrom, bra – american apparel, belt – merona/target, cords – jcrew

{week 12}

happy valentine’s day!

some people say that vday is a “hallmark” holiday.  and while that may be true to some extent…i don’t really care.  i love any excuse to celebrate and get/give gifts!

what are your thoughts?

guess what i’m doing on vday? 
getting a filling.  my first one ever.  isn’t that lovely?
happy vday to me.

hope your day is full of chocolate filling.  not teeth fillings.

dreading the dentist, 


10 thoughts on “cupid’s workin overtime.

  1. I hate the dentist. With a passion. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I went to see one, and I have an appointment in two weeks for the first time in FOREVER. Seriously can’t remember.

    You look super amazing in that lace top! Hope you have a great day despite the fillings!

  2. yay for valentines!!!!!!!!!!!! and yay for peekaboo bras too. so sorry you have to get a filling. i’ve had loads of them and they are not pleasant. but i hope mp makes it up to you!!!!
    i love valentine’s day. i think it’s the best.

  3. Boo to the filling :(

    These photos are beautiful. Happy belated birthday & Valentine’s Day! I’m definitely a fan…exactly—any excuse for presents and time together is completely good in my book.

  4. Ah I went to the dentist as well on Vday! haha!

    Oh and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA but congrats, congrats, congrats!!! You are going to have a spectacular year!!!! I’m so excited for you!

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